Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jeffrey's plans for my parents (Part 1)

Jeffrey has REALLY thought out the future. Even for my parents.

Side Note: My parents are raising Jeffrey. We have a lot of fun with the whole "my nephew is my little brother" and "Jeffrey is my only full sibling" (my other siblings are all half siblings).

Jeffrey has been telling my mom for the longest time that once he is an adult, my mom and dad can live with him for 2 years and then he is going to pay for 2 years of assisted living for them. After 2 years my parents are "on their own" to quote Jeffrey.

So the other day, my mom picks Jeffrey up from school and he is hassling her to take him to the
mall. Apparently one of his friends at school has a jacket that Jeffrey really wants. And that started a pretty hilarious conversation:

Mom: I am not taking you to the mall. It is raining and you don't need another jacket.

Jeffrey: But Grandma!!! (insert super whiny voice)

Mom: You have 3 jackets. It isn't your birthday. It isn't Christmas. We aren't going to the mall.

Jeffrey: I have the money. I can pay you back.

Mom: No.

Jeffrey: Will you take me to McDonald's? I want their chicken finger things.

Mom: No. We are going to have a snack at home. Probably fruit.

Pouting ensues.

Mom: By the way Jeffrey, there will be no more computer privileges in the morning and you will have to start earning computer time (he has been really bad about playing on the computer lately).

Jeffrey: Well... We will see what Papa says about that.

Mom: I already talked to him and he agrees with me.

Jeffrey: Oh.

Silence for a little bit. Jeffrey is super mad.

Jeffrey: Grandma... You know how I said I would pay for 2 years of your assisted living?

Mom: Yeah.

Jeffrey: Make that 1.

Love, Mrs. Janney


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