Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dang teeth

Oh teething...

{Do you think he might be teething?}

My new arch-nemesis.

And I'm pretty sure it is Henry's biggest current enemy as well.  It's either that or having to wait 3 seconds for food.

I'm not sure why God made teething so terrible for babies.  If I had a guess, it is probably Eve's fault.  Since teething also makes Henry need to nurse every hour or so, I'm sure it is a part of Eve's punishment.  I'm still mad at her for contractions.

Poor little guy is having a hard time sleeping.  And since he can't sleep, he's fussy.  Lack of sleep and fussy baby... oh man I'm tired.

Like so tired I'm angry about it.

I know teething is temporary.  And my sweet sister-in-law said with her boys, teething got easier with each tooth.  Oh please let that be the case.  I am keeping my fingers crossed every day when I pick him up from daycare that I will see a little pearly white sticking through those puffy gums.

Until then, we will have frozen wash clothes, teething tablets, lots of bibs for a champion drooler, baby Tylenol, and a constant tongue sticking out.

{His bib says "Who Needs Sleep?".  Answer: I DO!}

And I'll be rotating between drinking coffee and wine.


  1. UGH we think Finleigh is starting to teeth already. drool fuss eat no sleep, repeat. boo hoo hoo. i also LOVE your Eve comment... during some sweet (aka awful) contractions before my epidural i am pretty sure i grunted something about being pissed at her hahah

  2. Oh, I remember those times, it seems like a walk in the park now LOL but it's hard especially when you're tired and they are fussy and you have to get to work the next day, but it does get better, I promise. Btw, love your Eve comment, so spot on! On the bright side, he looks absolutely adorable with his tongue sticking out :-)

  3. Squeak is teething too... poor little dudes. Why does something so inevitable have to be so painful?

  4. Replies
    1. We do. I need to do a post about Cotton and Henry's budding friendship. They absolutely LOVE each other. It's pretty cute actually. :)


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