Friday, July 22, 2011

Lunchtime Conversations

Here is a real conversation (verbatim) Phil and I had today at lunch.  Enjoy...

Me:  I bit my lip again.

Phil:  oh no.

Me: My canine tooth keeps catching my lip.

Phil:  lame.

Me:  Maybe I am becoming a vampire.

Phil:  I don't think so.

Me:  It is pretty unlikely.  I will admit that.

Phil:  Although you are pale.

Me:  Exactly.

Phil:  I don't think you're becoming a vampire.

Me:  Like I said... not real likely.

Phil:  Good.

Me:  But watch out just in case.

Phil:  I'll take my chances.

Me:  Ok.  You've been warned.

Phil:  Ok.

Sometimes, we have really deep and meaningful conversation.  That's a good look into our marraige.

Love, Mrs. Janney

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every Sunday, we call Phil's parents.  Because of Phil's Dad's Liver Cancer, a good portion of these conversations are serious.  In fact the last couple, there were frustrations flying due to miscommunications and just trying to understand what is going on (totally understandable I think).  But amidst the seriousness, there are usually some pretty funny moments.

A couple of weeks ago, we had an interesting conversation that kept coming back to animals.  The entire conversation was about 2 hours, but the animal references were laced through out the conversation.

Here is how it started:

Faith:  They were talking on NPR the other day about Sea Otters in South America...
Phil:  It is was imported Beavers in Argentina.
Faith:  Oh... well they are basically the same.
Me: (indignant as an Oregonian and OSU Alumnus) THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!
Faith:  Well they look the same.

Exhibit 1:  Beavers vs. Sea Otters

The conversation moves on, until a little while later we come to this:

Faith:  I have eaten squirrel before.  It was disgusting.  Really tough meat with a strange taste.
(a little bit of silence.  Maybe 2 seconds)
Faith:  Oh wait... that was rabbit.
(Phil and I start laughing)

Exhibit 2:  Squirrel vs. Rabbit

Again, the conversation moves on.  We somehow get on the conversation about Phil's Uncle Van, who apparently liked to build traps as a child.

Faith:  Your Uncle Van used to build traps when we were kids.  He used them for catching rabbits.  One time, he noticed his trap was full and brought it into the house.  He opened the trap but it was skunk.

Exhibit 3:  Skunks vs. Rabbits

It was a funny conversation. 

Love, Mrs. Janney

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In-Law Visit

Phil's parents came out in late May for a week long visit.  I planned a couple of activities for us while they were here.  The two big ones were Astoria and a hike at Silver Falls.  The weather in Astoria was actually pretty good for the Oregon Coast.  I am pretty sure by the end of the Silver Falls hike, Phil's mother was cursing me in her head for suggesting the idea.

We all survived, so it is all good.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

A shipwreck.  Does anyone remember the movie "Shipwrecked"?  I remember watching that movie with my brother, Nick, when I was little.  And it was HILARIOUS because he would narrate certain parts of the story for me.  Like when the boy finds the chest full of guns and swords and then proceeds to run on the beach, waving the sword through the air...  Nick would say, "I HAVE A SWORD!! YEEEEEEEE!!!!"  It was funny.

Phil's dad took pictures at these places too.  And I am pretty sure that 98.7% of his pictures were taking from the same location as mine.  He was tracking me.  I would take a picture and then move and then he would move to the same spot and take a picture.  It was kind of funny.

Sorry for overloading you with pictures.  But I think they are pretty.  And yes... Oregon is THAT GREEN.  It is the upside of having rain for 9+ months of the year.  That and fewer droughts.

And I am tired so I can't think of any stories.

Love, Mrs. Janney

More proof of my NERD-hood

This weekend, Rikkie and I are seeing this:

AND we are seeing it in IMAX 3D.  I am so excited!!! 

Phil would never get into the Harry Potter books.  And I think that is a crime against our marriage practically so I decided to take matters into my own hands and read the books to him.  Turns out, it is actually a nice little ritual to do together.  In case you were wondering, I don't do voices. 

(ok maybe sometimes)

But Rikkie is really the only one of my friends that TRULY understands and shares in my Potter love.  I am not a crazy Potterhead.  I don't dress up.  I don't own a wand.  I just really like the books.  I am excited to see it with her.  And Rikkie (since I know you are reading this), I printed off our tickets and they are in my purse.

This time, I will try to NOT sit next to a large lady that chews ice.  OH MY GOSH!!  One of my BIGGEST pet peeves are people that do loud/distracting things during a movie.  Put your cell phone away and stop texting.  Open your candy before the movie starts.  NEVER chew ice.  Ice chewing is disgusting.  Have you ever noticed that people rarely chew ice with their mouths closed?  It is true.

When Rikkie and I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, I ended up sitting next to a whale rather large woman who chomped on ice ALL THROUGH THE MOVIE.  A good 30 seconds into the movie, I asked her to stop.  And she didn't.  She liked to choose the quiet parts of the movie to refill her giant mouth with ice.  I seriously almost smacked the cup of ice out of her hand.  I was doing a cost/benefit analysis of doing that in my head for half of the movie.  I figured if I actually did that, I would get kicked out of the movie.  So I held off.

The next time I saw it with Phil, I purposely left 2 seats open next to me so I wouldn't have to sit next to a giant ice chomper during the movie.  The theater was only half full and 3 minutes before the movie starts, someone walked in with a 5 year old girl and sat her next to me.  That movie is NOT appropriate for a 5 year old.  Before the first 5 minutes of the movie were done, she had already told her dad she was scared.

I may run a small interview with whoever sits next to me before the movie starts.

I am not kidding.

Love, Mrs. Janney

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lenscrafters... More than just glasses

Phil is in the market for some new glasses.  He is pretty excited about this as he hasn't gotten new glasses in 4+ years.  He did some research last night on Lenscrafter's website and found something interesting...

If you look closely in the upper left hand corner, there is a prompt to help you "Find a Canadian."

This prompted a few questions:

1)  Do I need a Canadian?
2)  WHY do I need a Canadian?
3)  Should I be looking for a Canadian?
4)  Is it because of the healthcare?
5)  Are Canadians hard to find?
6)  Why is Lenscrafters so intent on matching people with Canadians?

I will leave you to ponder these questions.  But, if you are looking for a Canadian, look no further than the Lenscrafters' website.  They will help you out. 

Love, Mrs. Janney

Let me just clarify, Phil and I are not stupid.  We are aware that the actual prompt says "Find a Canadian Store" and that the linebreaks just worked out strangely.  But it is funnier this way.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tegan's Bridal Shower

Saturday was Tegan's Bridal Shower.  I had been working on the planning for this shower for at least a month.  I really wanted the shower to reflect Tegan's style.  Did I mention Tegan is gluten intolerant?  Oh yeah... she is.  So I also had to plan an entirely gluten-free menu.  (I didn't have to, but I thought it was weird if the guest of honor couldn't eat some of the food.)

That is a gluten-free cheesecake.  I made it using THIS recipe and it was definitely a hit.  I would HIGHLY recommend that recipe if you are looking to make a gluten-free cheesecake.

I made the banner and the garland.  

I made a similar banner for Joanna's baby shower with Braxton's name on it.  If you are interested in purchasing a garland or a banner similar to these, please let me know.  I am thinking about starting a little side business for my craft projects.

The lovely Bride-to-Be 

Tegan and Katie (best friends from high school.  Katie and I were roomates for a little while.  Katie and Joanna were roomates for a while.  It is just one big circle of friendship I guess.)

The shower was at Tegan's Mom's House, in their backyard.  We had it there so it was closer to the majority of the guests (Tegan and I live about 45 miles away from each other).  They have THE NICEST backyard.  It was perfect.  It was shaded and had a nice big patio.  Perfect weather.  I don't think it could have gone better.

I could not have done it without Joanna and Phil.  Seriously.  Joanna has never really liked to cook (her husband is an AMAZING cook).  But I never knew that she was super speedy with a knife.  She is so quick.  And Phil did pretty much ALL of the food shopping for me and he helped me with the cheesecakes.  And thank you to everyone that helped me set-up and clean-up.

It was a super fun shower.  Everyone seemed to mingle well together.

And I never want to do a shower by myself again (I said that after Joanna's shower too).

Love, Mrs. Janney


Remember about 6 months ago when I said Phil and I went to Boston for Karla's wedding?

Well here are some pictures from that trip.

Dinner in The North End.

I accidentally bought tickets to a Fenway Park tour.  But it was actually really interesting.  And it gained me some "wife points."  Always good to stock up on those.

YUMMY pizza.  And it cost $2.75.

Isn't she just the most beautiful bride?  If she weren't the nicest person alive and one of my dear friends, I would have a hard time not hating her.  As if she weren't pretty enough, she is super smart, a great decorator, and can cook THE BEST food (which is also really healthy).

Now it is almost as if you were there with us.  Cheap trip for you!!

Love, Mrs. Janney
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