Thursday, July 14, 2011


Every Sunday, we call Phil's parents.  Because of Phil's Dad's Liver Cancer, a good portion of these conversations are serious.  In fact the last couple, there were frustrations flying due to miscommunications and just trying to understand what is going on (totally understandable I think).  But amidst the seriousness, there are usually some pretty funny moments.

A couple of weeks ago, we had an interesting conversation that kept coming back to animals.  The entire conversation was about 2 hours, but the animal references were laced through out the conversation.

Here is how it started:

Faith:  They were talking on NPR the other day about Sea Otters in South America...
Phil:  It is was imported Beavers in Argentina.
Faith:  Oh... well they are basically the same.
Me: (indignant as an Oregonian and OSU Alumnus) THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!
Faith:  Well they look the same.

Exhibit 1:  Beavers vs. Sea Otters

The conversation moves on, until a little while later we come to this:

Faith:  I have eaten squirrel before.  It was disgusting.  Really tough meat with a strange taste.
(a little bit of silence.  Maybe 2 seconds)
Faith:  Oh wait... that was rabbit.
(Phil and I start laughing)

Exhibit 2:  Squirrel vs. Rabbit

Again, the conversation moves on.  We somehow get on the conversation about Phil's Uncle Van, who apparently liked to build traps as a child.

Faith:  Your Uncle Van used to build traps when we were kids.  He used them for catching rabbits.  One time, he noticed his trap was full and brought it into the house.  He opened the trap but it was skunk.

Exhibit 3:  Skunks vs. Rabbits

It was a funny conversation. 

Love, Mrs. Janney

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