Friday, September 28, 2012

Slow Week

Lately, I am struggling for blog post content.
Life has calmed down quite a bit which is lovely but a little... boring. We are totally ok with a little boring around here after the last year. I just need to get a little more creative.
Partially, I blame 47% of the bloggers out there who for the last month blogged about how they were feeling uninspired to blog. It rubbed off on me.
So today I will share this gem with you...

We run a tight ship around here and make the puppy clean up his own puddles.
The other development of the week... Cotton's pink parts made their FULL debut. Which was disgusting and traumatizing all at the same time. Especially since I was holding him when it happened. Little sick-o. Doggy Oedipus complex? Let's not talk about it.
Happy weekend people!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Travelling Man

We booked a flight last night.

We will be heading to Virginia in October.  A trip back to see Phil's parents and hopefully some of his friends.  But it's not just Phil and I doing the travelling.  Guess who is coming with us?

{He's thrilled, can't you tell?}

Mr. Cotton is coming with us.

I'm a little freaked out about having Cotton travel in cargo.  What if he gets scared?  Or cold?  Is he going to freak out?  Will he be super mad at me when we get there?  Will his little whines as he is taken away from us at the check-in?

I can't think about it.

Taylor has made this journey at least twice that I know of.  Maybe more.  But she will not be coming with us.  She will be staying with my coworker and her family (her daughter dotes on Taylor CONSTANTLY).  Taylor likes it there more than being with us, so I know she won't be upset.  She'll be upset when we pick her up.

I wish he were still under 20 pounds and we could take him ON the flight instead.

I may be overly attached to my dog.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A little drive

Phil and I went for a drive yesterday.  It was through some of the ag land in the surrounding area.  It also happens to be where some of his sampling locations were.

It was pretty interesting to hear Phil talk about the difference crops, the planting and harvesting schedule, and what the land used to be.  That guy is crazy smart.

And apparently A LOT of pumpkins are grown in the area.

And this was one of three pumpkin fields we drove past.

October is definitely almost here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I know fall "officially" started this last weekend, but I thought I would let you know that, yes, fall is here.  That means the following:

1)  I can rationalize getting a pumpkin spice latte at least once a week.  Fall won't be here forever.

2)  I can also rationalize hot apple cider on a nightly basis.

3)  It's time to make all things pumpkin.  Pumpkin bread.  Pumpkin pancakes.  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

4)  Sweaters and scarfs.

5)  Apples are a must!!

6)  Sleeping with the window open is a necessity.  Nothing beats cool fall air at night.

7)  All my pumpkin decor should be out.

8)  It is necessary to burn fall-scented candles whenever I am home for more than 30 minutes.

9)  Halloween candy is fair game.

10)  These movies will be watched on repeat until October 31st.

Thus ends the obligatory blogger "this is why I love fall" post.  You are welcome.

Monday, September 24, 2012


I tried to mark a couple of things off my to-do list yesterday. 

One of those things was a nap. 

I'm happy to report that was very successful and definitely crossed off the list.

The other things I tried to do were:

1)  Make the sweet and spicy nuts

2)  Make the pumpkin bread

3)  Make the Pioneer Woman's Macaroni and Cheese.

While Phil was skyping with his parents, I tried to do all three.

1)  Apparently the recipe I have calls for plain yogurt and I had plain greek yogurt.  I guess the difference is SO HUGE that it didn't work.  I ended up curtling the yogurt.  It was nasty.  And I tried it twice.  Curtled it twice.  No picture for you.  You're welcome.

2)  The pumpkin bread needs 4 eggs.  I had 1 and it was needed for the macaroni and cheese.  I failed before I started.

3) My one triumph.

And Phil said it was definitely the one to get right.  I made the whole recipe, but froze half of it.  That way, I can pretend like the pound of grated cheese that went into it really isn't that bad.

I know what you're thinking... that doesn't look like a lot of food.  It wasn't.  I was starving 30 minutes later when we were at the store buying PLAIN (non-greek) yogurt and a carton of eggs.  Which explains why we also bought a pint of mint chocolate chip gelato as well.

Gluttony feels like my friend.

Friday, September 21, 2012


So about this doll convention. Apparently it is multiple days. I think it may actually go through the weekend. And I kid you not... they are having seminars on "surprise slumber parties" and "dancing with circus stars".

I really shouldn't be so judgmental. But I always feel like a clown with a bunch of balloons is going to jump out at me on my way to the bathroom.

I managed to not fall asleep today. At least not for more than 3 seconds so it doesn't count. And it's not the subject matter. I have learned a great deal about earthquakes. I won't share it with you. But it has been interesting.

Phil informed me this morning that he let Cotton sleep on the bed last night. I think he is trying to become his new favorite.

He also told me that Cotton and Taylor sat at the front door, whining with their ears down. And then he sent me this picture:

And my heart broke. They have us wrapped around their little paws. Extra snuggles when I get home.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where in the world?

Guess where I am...

Hint: I took one of these...

If you couldn't tell from my crap-tastic picture (my new iPhone will significantly improve my instagramming*), I am in Vegas. I am taking a continuing education seminar on seismic design variables. Two whole days about designing for earthquakes.

Earthquakes freak me out.

So far, it has been an interesting trip. The taxi driver talked the entire drive about how incompetent Vegas street design is. He thinks engineers should be sued more. Not sure I want to he behind that one. Bad karma.

Then I went to find where exactly the seminar would be and found that currently there was a modern doll collection convention. And it was taking up several rooms. I am so disturbed by this and many different levels.

1) There were rooms and rooms full of dolls.

2) Are there really enough people to have an annual doll conference?

3) WTF?!?! It's a doll convention!!

Anyway, wish me luck not falling asleep several times today. :)

*I made up a verb.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


These days, I have the best of intentions and the WORST follow through.  I have a million projects that I am dying to get done.  Literally a million.  There just is not enough time in the day.  Plus I seem to be extremely lazy.  Here's a small sampling for your viewing pleasure.  And no, all of my blog posts will not be in list form. Just two this week... so far.

-  Remember when I said I was going to learn Spanish?  Yeah haven't done that.

-  Remember when I said I was going to make baby blankets for the 4 people I knew who were having babies?  Well, they were all born and I made 1/4 of a blanket.  I do however have all of the fabric and supplies to make them all.  So here's my new quandary?  Do I make them and give them to them WAY late?  Or just make them and wait for their next little editions?

-  I'm dying for pumpkin bread and have everything to make a healthier version of THIS RECIPE.  Haven't done it.

-  I also really want to make some sweet and spicy walnuts.  They are so yummy and still unmade.

-  I've had the materials to make this super cute owl pillow for AT LEAST 6 months.  Probably longer.

-  And when I was looking for this owl pillow online, I found this owl toy as well.  And now I want to make it too.

-  Over a year ago, I bought the material to make a Halloween banner similar to the one I made for Braxton's baby shower and Tegan's Bridal shower.  It will take maybe 2 hours.  Haven't done it.

{I airbrushed out Tegan's last name, per her request}

-  And before I decide to barricade myself in the office where my sewing machine is housed, I should probably clean it so that I can walk through the room.  Just an idea.

And yet none of those things have gotten done.  And they aren't likely to get done super quickly.  But that OK.  Life has been happening.  I'll just have to keep track of my giant to-do list and try to chip away at it as much as I can.

Honestly, puppy cuddles have been the main reason I haven't gotten much done.  But can you blame me?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best in Show?

We showed up early and got him all registered.  Then we had to cool our heels.

Finally, it was show time.  We were the second group to go.  Cotton was the only Brittany puppy in the 3 to 6 month age group, so we were all by ourselves and I have to say... I was way more nervous than I should have been.  Hello?  It's just a dog show.  I've only, ya know, faced cancer.  Geez.

Cotton did pretty good for his first time in the ring.  I, however, needed lots of advice.  And thankfully the judge was extremely nice and gave me some excellent pointers.  Since Cotton was the only pup in his class, he won 1st place and we were advanced to the best puppy division.

We then got to watch several more dogs show.  After seeing how they were handled, things made A LOT more sense.  It is more than just running your dog around in circles.  Especially when they are puppies and have the attention space of a goldfish.  So when we went back in for the overall puppy division, I felt a lot better about things.

How did he do?

He won 2nd place!!

We were so proud of our little stud muffin!  He was a natural.  Maybe with some better handling and a little more training, he could do better.  However, we had plans for Sunday afternoon, so if he had won 1st place in that division, it would have thrown off the day.

Everyone at the show was extremely nice and friendly.  I guess it is a little more intense at a full-blown dog show (this was a match, not a show) but we are no where near ready for that yet.  It was definitely a great way to get some experience.

DISCLAIMER:  We are showing Cotton because we want the option of breeding him in the future to get another dog.  So far, we love his little personality and demeanor.  Both breeders we worked with (plus the judge we had) said he has great strucutre and would make a great show dog.  And having a champion dog will make it more likely that people will want to propogate his line.  Just so we are clear, I don't enjoy running around in circles while having my dog judged.

Monday, September 17, 2012

28 Things

Phil's birthday is rapidly approaching.  I got him a couple of gifts (a new wallet and some interview clothes cause we are exciting like that) but it just doesn't feel like enough.  Not only because they are the lamest gifts on the planet.  But because I don't know how to show him how I grateful I am for him being born and getting to spend my life with him.

So I came up with 28 things (since he'll be 28) that I absolutely love about him.  And there are SO MANY more than just 28 things (like the fact that he is Southern, which didn't make the list).

1.  He takes Cotton out in the middle of the night.

2.  He helps me pack my lunch.

3.  He doesn't dry my sweaters.

4.  He watches Gilmore Girls with me.

5.  We have great "fake fights".

6.  He laughs at my stupid jokes.

7.  He let me get a puppy.

8.  He smells good.

9.  He has cute legs.

10.  He talks to me while I cook dinner.

11.  Sometimes he plays the guitar for me while I cook dinner.

12.  He supports my crazy ideas like making our own bread.

13.  He took care of absolutely everything while I studied for the PE Exam.

14.  He helps me fold laundry.

15.  He vacuums.

16.  He cleans the bathroom so well that lab experiments could be conducted in there.

17.  He knows that by the time I have mentioned an "idea" that I have, it means I have thought about it extensively and what to do it.

18.  We can talk and talk and talk and not get bored with each other.

19.  He's smart.  Like crazy smart.  Like "how on earth can you know all that stuff" kind of smart.

20.  He kills spiders for me.

21.  He kisses me good night every night and before I go to work.

22.  He hugged and held me when I found out we had fertility problems, that I had nodules and that those nodules were cancer.

23.  And then he wiped my tears as I cried because I was afraid of surgery.

24.  He woke up every 4 hours for 3 days to make sure I ate and took my pain medicine after both surgeries.

25.  And he cooked all my meals for a month while I prepared for my radioacitve iodine ablation.

26.  He carried my fears and anxieties when they were too great for me, without letting me know he was just as scared and anxious as I was.

27.  The way he takes care of me and loves me is noticed by everyone and one of my friends even told me that that's the kind of man she is looking to marry (if only Phil's single friends lived in Oregon...).

28.  He's my absolute best friend.

Happy Birthday my love!  I hope your 28th year is a spectacular one.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pee Pee and Weekend Plans

Last night, I got home after a long day and a wonderful dinner with Jes to two happy puppies and Phil.  I scooped up Cotton and gave him a bunch of kisses, petted the heck out of him, and took him upstairs so we could cuddle before bed.

I put him on the bed and started trying to get my stuff organized.  I turned around and saw a nice big puddle on Phil's side of the bed.  Right there on the sheet.  Cotton of course had jumped off the bed.

He peed on the bed.

There's really nothing quite like washing your sheets and mattress cover at 9 o'clock at night.

{Trying to look innocent.  And fooling no one}

I am so happy to usher in Friday.  This has been kind of a long week.  It's probably because I had to work all 5 days.  I got so spoiled by the 4 day work week caused by Labor Day.

What's on the agenda for the weekend you ask? 

-  A long walk with the dogs for another Pumpkin Spice Latte (because they are so so good). 

-  Cleaning. 

-  Cotton's first dog show (or as we call it his puppy pageant).  We are going to take a ton of pictures.  We went to a class last night put on by the breeder we were going to get Lincoln from and they went over all the things we need to know about showing Cotton this weekend.  Apparently, he has a wonderful natural stack (aka the weird way show dogs stand).  So far, Cotton is very good at standing.  So we will see how he does Sunday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Car

Tonight, I will be meeting up with Jes from Two Smuppies.  We are having a celebratory dinner in honor of my awesome cancer-free news.

I live kind of close to Jes, but we are by no means next door neighbors.  But because Jes is such excellent dinner company, I am more than willing to drive up for dinner.  And based on Portland traffic, it is much easier for me to drive to her than for her to drive to me.

There are three main things I do while driving alone:

1.  Talk on the phone.  Hand-free of course.  I'm no law-breaker.  But tonight I probably won't do that.

2.  Perform a vocal concert in my car.  Since my thyroid surgeries, my neck can start to ache if I talk or sing too much (or turn my head funny).

3.  Because of that I have developed a new activity which doesn't involve singing.  I perform interviews.  As if someone were interviewing me for a fake accomplishment I haven't done.  And I must say... I give a great interview.

I can't believe I just admitted that last one.  My husband doesn't even know I do that.

Tonight, I believe I am in a singing kind of mood.  I'd better scurry off and make a singing playlist.  Afterall, I need the right tunes for my freeway concert.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boring and Random

My blog numbers have been pretty low lately.  It OBVIOUSLY isn't my blog posts.  Those are all riveting.  They must have you on the edge of your seat, every single day I'm sure.  It was a little weird that I lost a blog follower the day I posted that I was cancer free.  Some people don't like me being healthy I guess.

I wasn't really sad about losing that one.

It could be because my life is a little on the boring side these days.  Fluctuating thyroid hormones aside, I pretty much hang out at home with my dogs and husband.  Should we chat about folding laundry?  Because that's what I did last night.

Oh and I ate a Popsicle.  It was delicious.

I'm also re-reading The Hunger Games whilst watching Friday Night Lights (TV show, not the movie).  I've got skillz.  And definitely don't have ADHD.

Since this post is already proving to be extremely random, I'll just keep it going.

I spend a great deal of time trying to rationalize getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte every single day.  Still working on that.

Thanks to listening (and singing along to) songs from the TV show SMASH, I find myself curious about Marilyn Monroe and thinking things like, "I wonder what she would look like if she were still alive?" and "Since she pretty much only like dating married men, it probably isn't a good thing she is still a role model to young girls."  When I judged a local Distinguished Young Womens' program last year, a lot of the girls listed her as a role model and then didn't know her real name.

Of course, when I judged a program this year several girls had Gandhi listed as historical personalities they admired.  Google Gandhi and look into how he chose to practice celibacy... it's weird.

I'm gonna end on that note.  Cause I really can't top that.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Yelled At

Hello and welcome to the longest blog post for your Monday morning.  Please pull up a chair and grab your pumpkin spice latte.

A little while ago, I mentioned I was getting yelled at A LOT lately.

There were 3 days in a row that I got yelled at Thursday, Friday, and then 3 times on Saturday.  Sometimes I get yelled at and I deserve it.  I don't have as much of a problem with that.  But because I was so stressed at the time and I don't think I deserved to get yelled at, I found it a little odd.

Honestly, I can't remember what happened on Thursday.  But it was definitely a stranger yelling at me.

Friday, was the day of my scan so I was hungry and anxious to begin with.  Plus, I knew I would have to lay still for 45 minutes.  Turns out this scan was a little more involved than my previous scan, so it was going to be somewhere between and hour and a half to two hours.  Something about knowing you have to lie still for that long just makes you want to move.  REAL bad.

The tech had explained to me that I couldn't move once the CT portion of the scan started, but didn't tell me that I couldn't move between the nuclear scan and the CT scan.  So when she came into the room to kick Phil out, I turned my head to look at her.  And she yelled at me.

She seriously was pissed at me.

In my defense, I couldn't feel my hands or my feet.  After like 20 minutes of that, it seriously starts to get to you.

The first time I got yelled at Saturday, it was at PETCO.  You'd think a place that allows your dog to poop in the aisles would be pretty lax.  But no.  She was upset that I was holding Cotton near the kitten cages which they had set up in the dog treat aisle.  She said, "NO!!  We don't allow dogs near the kittens.  It freaks them out."

If you don't want dogs near the kittens, how about you don't put them with THE DOG TREATS!!  That really sends a mixed signal to the dogs, doesn't it?  Plus, I think it is good to know that the kitten would be aggressive to MY PUPPY.  Cause he's so scary.

Next, we were at the State Fair.  I guess while we were walking through the farm exhibits, my nephew David fells and got some cow poop on his hands.  All of a sudden, I see Nick wisk him off to the bathroom in a hurry.  He came back out like a minute later.  When I asked what happened, he said David had fallen down and then rolled around in feces.  I imagined David getting crap all over himself by the way Nick described it, so when I said that David didn't look that dirty Nick replied with, "WELL OBVIOUSLY I MADE IT ALL UP!!"


We then made our way into the exhibit hall where they sell all the random crap.  You can get some knives, a sewing machine, and some Sham-WOWS.  Phil had wandered off to listen to someone trying to sell a pet brush.  According to the screens the seller had going, this brush basically shaves your dog it gets so much fur off the dog.  Well... I bought that stupid brush a couple of years ago and it doesn't work.  Not at all.  Not even a little.  So I said that to Phil.

Me:  Phil, we have that brush and it doesn't work.

Seller:  Excuse me?!?  This brush works.

Me:  Yeah... no it doesn't.

Seller:  Do you have a dog that sheds?
Why on earth would I have bought a brush for a dog that doesn't shed?

Me:  Yes.

Seller:  Well this brush works.

Me:  No, it doesn't.

Seller:  Well here's how it doesn't work (pointing to one tv screen).  And this is how it doesn't work (pointing to another screen).  And THIS is how it doesn't work (pointing to a third screen).  OBVIOUSLY these were directed by Spielberg since you say the brush DOESN'T WORK!!

At which point I wanted to call him a very bad name, but I didn't.  I walked off.

And I walked off wondering why the crap I have been getting yelled at so much?  Can't people sense my vulnerability?  COME ONE PEOPLE!!  My brother apologized.  He was just aggravated about having to clean animal poop off his child (which is understandable).

I haven't gotten yelled at as much since.  I have gotten flipped off while driving a few times, but that is probably par for the course.

You know who doesn't yell at me?

This guy.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bottle it Up

The last few days have been wonderful.

I'm trying to think of another time in my life where I have felt this good. Stress-free. Empowered. Grateful. Happy. Very in the moment. Optimistic
I honestly can't think of one.
Don't get me wrong, I have had LOTS of great days. My wedding day is on the top of my list. Finding out I passed the PE exam. The day Braxton was born. So so many more.
But finding out that this big deal... this thing that has caused so much stress and heartache... that has delayed some dreams we have... that could possibly kill me... it's basically gone. If I think about it too much, I start to tear up.

I know thyroid cancer is one of the most treatable cancers and that we found mine early. But it's still cancer. And the type I have just spreads to things like lungs, bones, the liver, and the brain. Finding out I had cancer, my first thought was, "What if it spread?". It was incredibly scary and something I wouldn't wish on my greatest enemy.
And I don't have it anymore! :)
We still have so many challenges ahead of us. Phil's dad still has Liver Cancer. Phil's so close to finishing his PhD. We're still infertile. I still own a business in a tumultuous economy.

But I'm healthy.

And I wish I could bottle up this feeling. There are challenging times in the near future and I know we'll have rocky roads throughout our lives. A bottle of this, right now, would be really helpful.

So I am going to spend the next few days relaxing and soaking up as much of these feelings as possible. I know I'll need it eventually.

{Since this post needed a picture, another Cotton picture should work}

Thursday, September 6, 2012

3 Glorious Days

I love 3 day weekends. 

Partially because Sunday afternoons depress me.  It's a long story, but it has to do with the way the sky looks in the afternoon.  (Yeah I'm weird)  They don't depress me so much when there's another day in the weekend. 

Three day weekends give you plenty of time to get everything you want done, but also relax at the same time. 

And 3 day weekends make the work week 4 days.  Hence why I am still confused as to what day of the week it is.  But I am always pleasantly surprised when I think it is Tuesday and really it is Wednesday.

Labor Day weekend was a raving success.  Filled with time with family and friends, getting projects done, and relaxing.  I know what you are thinking... Isn't Thursday a little late for a weekend recap?  Probably.  However,  I was too excited about my bread making endeavor and my wonderful news to do the recap sooner.

Friday night, we spent celebrating Braxton's birthday.

{Excuse the blurry picture.  I'm still learning to use the lens I got for Christmas}

Saturday, Phil and I went to the gym (which is nothing short of miraculous), then apple picking, a nap, and dinner with my parents.

Sunday Phil went fishing while I made bread and applesauce.  Afterall, the previous day we got a 5 gallon bucket of apples for $9 and I love applesauce.  Regular and cinnamon with no added sugar.  Again... my hippy-Oregonian-I-should-have-been-a-pioneer roots are coming out.  If only I had a loom and my own kiln...

Also on Sunday, while walking the dogs on Sunday, we walked by a garage sale in our neighborhood and found a cushion-less glider for $15.  I managed to talk the guy down to $12, knowing I could (and wanted to) make new cushions.  So Monday afternoon (after lunch with a very good friend of mine), I made cushions for the seat, back and foot stool of the rocking chair.

It is SO comfy and ready to have me spend a nice long rainy afternoon reading in it.

Plus, Cotton allowed me to do an impromtu photo shoot.  Here's my favorite picture:

I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for a regular 2 day weekend.  I'm sure I'll survive.

Side note... Tonight, we are going out to celebrate my awesome cancer-free news.  I think champagne is in order.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's all celebrate and check our necks

September is Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.

It seems only fitting that this is when I find out pretty stinkin' definitively that I am cancer free.

Last week, I found out that my scan had come back clear.  No sign of cancer.  And I definitley let out a sigh of relief.  However, the lab had messed up my blood test and because there is a small chance that the scan won't pick up small amounts of cancer cells, it is important to have both pieces of information.  After my last set of results (where I had a good blood test, but a strange neck ultrasound), I was hesitant to really celebrate until I had all of my test results.

You know what?  It's time to celebrate.

Clean scan.  Excellent blood test results.  I'm pretty sure that means I can say I am cancer free.

That doesn't sound half bad.  Not bad at all.

I basically spent all of July and August waiting for test results.  After my doctor's office called with my blood test results yesterday afternoon at 4, I felt like I could finally breathe again.  Phil and I had been putting off our plans for the next couple of months in case I had to have more tests.  And I don't!!  I could seriously jump for joy.

The thing is, if my cancer hadn't been found early, this may not be the story.  I am lucky that I had some symptoms and a smart and thorough medical professional who found my nodules.  So CHECK YOUR NECK!!  It is really easy and painless.  Click HERE for instruction on how to do it yourself.  If you don't want to do a neck check, then ask your dentist and/or healthcare provider to do a neck check (including your thyroid) at your next visit.  The THYCA has attributed early detection to increased neck checks performed by dentists.  They are supposed to do it, so don't hesitate to ask.

My journey with Thyroid Cancer will probably never be over.  But now hopefully I will forever stay in this monitoring phase and not need treatment again.  If my cancer ever does come back, I need to put on my big girl pants again, stand up and kick ass again.  Until that day, I will celebrate that, for now, I am cancer free.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Apparently I didn't get the memo that I was supposed to blog yesterday.  I figured since hardly anyone blogs on the weekend and it was a 3-day weekend, that meant it would be a blogless Monday.  Nobody tells me these things.

I will share my latest revelation with you now:

I have decided that I am going to try and make our bread from now on.  I was cleaning out the cupboard which contained hot dog buns from who knows when and it struck me as odd that the buns weren't moldy at all.  They were as hard as a rock, but definitely not moldy.

Then I remembered back to when I lived in England and the fact that I remember being so frustrated that my bread would go moldy in like 4 days.  Granted the fact that our kitchen window was constantly left open to the misty air, but still.  I am pretty sure part of it was that the bread had no preservatives.

So it freaks me out that our bread has enough preservatives that the bread petrifies before it goes moldy.  I'm sure preservatives probably aren't that bad for you.  I doubt they cause cancer or anything.  But I kind of feel like they must affect our bodies somehow.  And if I had to guess, I am going to say it has something to do with our metabolisms.

{image from HERE}

And since my parents gave us their old bread machine (for my diet and then permanently), it's not like making our own bread requires a ton of work.  Seriously.  All you have to do is put in the wet ingredients, then the dry ingredients, then the yeast on top.  Plus this way I can make sure our bread is whole wheat without all the nuts and oats and crap in the bread that Phil hates.

For now, I will be making this Milk and Honey bread recipe, using King Arthur's White Whole Wheat Flour.  It is yummy.

{found HERE}

Perhaps the fact that I have to make the bread myself will also keep me from eating so much of it.  Just a thought.  And I think it will save us some money too.

Doesn't it skeeve anyone else out that bread never seems to go moldy?
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