Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Car

Tonight, I will be meeting up with Jes from Two Smuppies.  We are having a celebratory dinner in honor of my awesome cancer-free news.

I live kind of close to Jes, but we are by no means next door neighbors.  But because Jes is such excellent dinner company, I am more than willing to drive up for dinner.  And based on Portland traffic, it is much easier for me to drive to her than for her to drive to me.

There are three main things I do while driving alone:

1.  Talk on the phone.  Hand-free of course.  I'm no law-breaker.  But tonight I probably won't do that.

2.  Perform a vocal concert in my car.  Since my thyroid surgeries, my neck can start to ache if I talk or sing too much (or turn my head funny).

3.  Because of that I have developed a new activity which doesn't involve singing.  I perform interviews.  As if someone were interviewing me for a fake accomplishment I haven't done.  And I must say... I give a great interview.

I can't believe I just admitted that last one.  My husband doesn't even know I do that.

Tonight, I believe I am in a singing kind of mood.  I'd better scurry off and make a singing playlist.  Afterall, I need the right tunes for my freeway concert.


  1. I'm curled up in a ball missing you guys. Like a lot. I want to go to the Oswego Grill and eat all the appetizers and drink all the mojitos.

  2. Did you ever see that t.v. show where people set up their friends / family members because they danced and sang in the car? It was basically hidden camera of people in cars, yea I'm like you I totally sing too. If I had ever been on that show I'd have been a hit because I do full on dance moves and more. (Cue the red cheeks.)

  3. BUT WAIT. i would totally drive down to you. next time, i'll come to you. to your house. and meet the dogs.

  4. Congrats on the news :) So glad to hear. Have fun with Jes! I wish there was a way we could attend the vocal concert haha.

  5. Have a great time with Jes! I always ing in my car or otherwise I talk to myself. It's just a great way to put everything in your mind in order, works everything and it relaxes me :-) I never tried the interview thing, sounds interesting!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Yay! Have an awesome time ::-)


  7. hahahaha, omg, I love it Natalie. I'm always telling myself I need to line up some interviews, just to keep myself in practice. Shit. I'll just interview myself every day on the way to work! ;D

    Hope you had a Fab time with Jestina!

  8. Have an awesome time! I was driving in the car last week practicing questions for a job interview. Watch out I-5, interviewers on the loose!


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