Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where in the world?

Guess where I am...

Hint: I took one of these...

If you couldn't tell from my crap-tastic picture (my new iPhone will significantly improve my instagramming*), I am in Vegas. I am taking a continuing education seminar on seismic design variables. Two whole days about designing for earthquakes.

Earthquakes freak me out.

So far, it has been an interesting trip. The taxi driver talked the entire drive about how incompetent Vegas street design is. He thinks engineers should be sued more. Not sure I want to he behind that one. Bad karma.

Then I went to find where exactly the seminar would be and found that currently there was a modern doll collection convention. And it was taking up several rooms. I am so disturbed by this and many different levels.

1) There were rooms and rooms full of dolls.

2) Are there really enough people to have an annual doll conference?

3) WTF?!?! It's a doll convention!!

Anyway, wish me luck not falling asleep several times today. :)

*I made up a verb.


  1. We tried to get our principals licensed in Alaska for a job we accepted. We ended up having to go back on our contract because you have to take 18 credit hours of classes to get certified in arctic engineering. They don't offer arctic engineering in Nebraska, although maybe they should.

  2. i still can't believe you're in vegas. because guess what? WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS! aka when you don't go with family :)

  3. Are there the doll convention? I hope you're making time for some good ole Vegas debauchery!


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