Thursday, October 30, 2014

Working Mom Problems

The runny nose, grumpy gus little man confirmed my Mommy intuition on Monday night when I picked him up from daycare... He was sick.

I knew it was coming.  He had had a cold for over a week.  The runny nose was, shall we say, NOT the appropriate color.  And was he touchy his ear more often?  I don't know.  He was also GRUMPY.

Was it teeth?  Just the cold?

Monday night we knew it was something worse.  He looked exhausted.  He had dark circles under his eye and was a little paler.  The straw that broke the camel's back was the temperature he developed Monday night.  Then he woke up at 2.  And at 3.

Definitely headed to the doctor.

My poor little guy has an ear infection.  :(

As someone who got ear infections almost monthly growing up, I really feel his pain.  I have vivid memories of being in excruciating pain, waking up in the middle of the night crying because my ears hurt so bad.  Tylenol couldn't touch the pain.  The only thing that helped was when my dad would lay the infected ear on his bare chest and stroke my forehead.  To this day, I know my hearing is damaged from all the ear infections.

Obviously, I felt really bad when we found out he was sick.  And even worse when I wrestled with what to do next.  Do I take him to daycare?  Maybe to Grandma's house?  Should I stay home with him?  Should Phil stay home with him?

This is when being a working parent is really hard.

No matter which option gets picked, HUGE amounts of guilt follow.  If I stay home, how am I going to get my work done?  If I go to work, is Henry ok without me?

Daycare is expensive and work is really busy so if Henry is acting alright, he has to go to daycare.  But I won't lie... I feel like a horrible mom about it.

Every fiber in my being is pulling me toward him.  I just want to take him home, cuddle up with him, watch Disney movies and play with Duplos.  There isn't a single part of me that wants to be at work.  But I have to.  For my company, for my clients, and most importantly to provide for my family... I have to be at work.

This is what I tell myself, over and over as my heart hurts for my little guy who is possibly being comforted by not me.

I ended up checking on him in the afternoon and when she told me he "ok but very grumpy" I decided I needed to just finish up what I was doing and go get him.  We spent the evening reading books, with an early bath and bedtime (which didn't go over really well because he wanted to be read even MORE books).

I am hopeful that he will have a better day today.  Hopefully the antibiotics have kicked in and his ear will stop hurting him.

Sick babies are the worst.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Obligatory October Post

We did something this weekend that nobody else has done during the month of October...

{I absolutely love pictures of these two walking together.  
I don't know, they just look like best buddies.  It's too cute to me.}

The pumpkin patch!!!

Ok so maybe it wasn't the most original activity.  But we were one of the first ones and one of the few there.  The weather didn't exactly scream "Outdoor Activity".  But we actually lucked it.  It only sprinkled on us a little and it didn't get super windy until later that afternoon.  I guess that's what you get when you go the last weekend of the month.

But we got our pumpkins.  Henry seemed to have a good time.  He fell asleep on the way home and slept for another 3 hours once we got home.  So... no rain, pumpkins, tired baby.  Recipe of a successful outing.  :)

We also ended up going to the same pumpkin patch the next day with my family and Henry seemed very underwhelmed.  I wonder what his reaction will be on Wednesday when daycare his their "Little People Pumpkin Patch".  Hopefully he won't just be like, "I am so over pumpkins, guys."

We will see.

Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Things Friday: Pretty much all about Henry

As of yesterday (or last night at 11:22), Henry is 17 months old.  Like in a month he will be a year and a half.  I'm already freaking out a little bit about him changing daycare rooms (because I must create things to be anxious about).  Basically at this rate, he will be headed off to college.

In honor of my little Hank, this week's 5 Things Friday is solely devoted to him.

1.  He somehow figured out that he was willing to expand his palate and eat actual meat on one condition... It must have barbecue sauce on it.  And BBQ sauce doesn't just work on meat.  Veggies as well.  I had a moment when I realized that I needed to pick my battles.  Am I willing to let him eat a little BBQ sauce on each bite of meat (and thankfully he only requires a tiny bit of sauce) if it means he will eat things other than black beans and expensive veggie pouches?  My answer is yes.

And at least it's BBQ sauce and not ranch.

2.  He will also eat chicken nuggets.  Without BBQ sauce.  Thank you Costco.  And chocolate pudding.  So in case there was any doubt, he's an American.

3.  Henry is super into books right now, so each time we get in the car he gets a book to read.  This week, he started "reading" out loud to himself.  He will flip through the pages and say, "Ga ga ga" and then flip the page and keep going.  It is pretty darn cute.  Like super cute.

4.  Henry is very into applauding himself these days.  If he puts his cup in the cup holder on the high chair, he claps.  If he puts two legos together, clapping.  Gives you a high five, applause.  At night after we read 2 bedtime books (because I have to set a limit), I sing "Sweet Dreams" by Jewel.

The last few days when I start to sing, he starts clapping.  And then he usually applauds for me when I have finished singing as well.

Captive audience.

5.  We visited my dad's office yesterday morning and he has a pretty extensive elephant collection.  As Henry saw each elephant, he tried to make an elephant noise which kind of just results in him spitting.  It's cute and we clap which further promotes him clapping for himself.  At least he won't have poor self-esteem.

Other Henry facts:

-  He says "Papa" every time we go to the office.

-  He is REALLY into Legos.

-  We are working on translating "Grandma" into "Nana" because he can clearly says it.  What's even cuter, the other day we were with my mom and when I asked him to say Nana, he looked right at her, smiled and said, "Nana."  Wrapping her around his little finger.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Favorite

I think we know who everyone's favorite is...

I'm not jealous.  He's my favorite too.  :)

There are several reasons why he is my favorite.  One of the reasons: he's my bug killer.

Except at the office (because he can't come to my office whenever I encounter a bug).  Right now, we are having a bit of an ant problem at work.  At one point today, I thought about just giving the ants my desk.  That would have been the easiest solution since the ants were EVERYWHERE and I hate all bugs.  Lyme Disease and a bug bite that had to be surgically removed will do that to you.

Have I ever really mentioned on here that I had Lyme Disease?  I did.  I used to be totally fine and levelheaded around bugs.  But when a bug bite makes you violently ill, requires you to take weeks worth of antibiotics, and then takes another two months to get over, it kind of fosters an irrational fear of them.

So like I said... I wanted to abandon my desk and all of my belongings in it.  But I put on my big girl pants, went and got an ant trap, and put it under my desk.

When I told Phil, he sincerely applauded my bravery.

Another reason he is my favorite.

This might be the weirdest love letter ever.  Whatevs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No Control = Cooking

The past couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle for me.  Some stuff at work has been really making me feel deflated.  And we are nearing hopefully the end of grad school for Phil which adds more stress.  Throw in some toddler tantrums and basically I get slapped with the following realization every day...

I am in control of nothing.

Of course life situations don't really change this.  We are never really in control of anything.  But with everything that is going on, I am feeling really helpless.

I finally realized that the way I have been coping with this is Pinterest (like HERE).  I have been doing A LOT of cooking lately.  New recipes.  Meals from scratch.  Cakes.  

Two such cooking excursions happened this weekend.

First, Braxton and I make pumpkin patches based on THIS PIN.

{Henry did a great job watching}

{Henry liked it}

Then I decided to make THIS CAKE while Henry napped.  I took it to a family birthday party and got LOTS of compliments (which weren't warranted because it's a box cake mix, but whatever).

It was an adventure in food coloring.

I am feeling an really intense need to create and craft.  Maybe it's the fact that I am in control of the outcome and I get to see the fruits of my labor?  I don't know.

But if you are getting a Christmas gift from my family this year, you can probably expect it to be handmade.  Pinterest and I have some work to do.

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Things Friday

1.  This week was long.  And for some reason, everyone in my house is really tired.  I don't know if it is the weather or what.  I guess it could be that we haven't gotten the temperature right in the house at night, so all three of us are waking up multiple times a night.  Either way, Phil fell asleep yesterday afternoon, Henry fell asleep on the way home last night, and I was in bed at 8.

2.  Joanna and I started trading baby-sitting every month so we each get an opportunity to go on a date with our husbands.  Last month, it was our turn for the date.  This month, it is Joanna's turn.  I am so excited because this means we get to hang out with Braxton!!  As an honorary "Auntie", I want some fun things to do with Braxton.  And maybe Henry will join in as well.  We will only have a couple of hours because we are going to go to church and then to our church's harvest festival.  But you know what looks like fun?  This:

{From HERE}

Or this:

{From HERE}

We might have to wait on the second one though.  I doubt I can keep Henry from putting his paint covered hands in his mouth.

3.  Last week there were 7 birth announcements on my Facebook page.  SEVEN!!  At least.  It might have been more.  When I pointed this out in a status update, someone commented saying "What was happening 9 months ago?  Must have been some good New Year's parties."  I thought that was kind of funny.

4.  Henry had his school pictures Tuesday which OF COURSE means he fell down and scraped his face on Monday.  So we had scraped forehead, wound above the eyebrow, and a scratch on the nose.  If nothing else, it will accurately represent how he looked as a toddler.  A clumsy toddler.

{Oddly enough, you can't see any of his owies in this picture.  
I doubt that will be the case for his school pictures.}

But my fingers are crossed that we can make it through the day without going to the ER or the doctor's office.  It would be the first Friday in 4 weeks.  Fingers crossed real hard.

5.  Here's a random fact about myself:  I kind of hate when things end.  Specifically TV shows and movies.  I LOVE Gilmore Girls.  Own every season.  I have NEVER seen the finale.  I listen to Hocus Pocus religiously in October (mostly while I am getting ready in the morning).  I don't usually listen to the last 15 minutes.  And that's true of most movies.  I have read the entire Harry Potter series at least a half dozen times, except for the final book.  That one I have read twice.  Just one more thing that makes me weird.  :)

Happy Friday!  Here's hoping Henry lets us sleep in tomorrow until 9 like he did last weekend (it was AMAZING).

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Speaker and Some Facts

Like most bloggers, I write posts ahead of time.  This probably surprises no one.  But a post that goes up Thursday morning is usually written Wednesday night.

Last week, my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday posts were all written Sunday night (since I knew night meetings would keep me from blog writing for the week).

So that means this post was written Wednesday night.

Truthfully, I need to be working.  I have a stormwater report that needs to be done TOMORROW.  I spent 4 hours today visiting a high school for career day, talking about civil engineering to sophomores.  I did this last year at a local middle school.  I am good to talk to students because I am a young woman.  It's good to show that engineers aren't always about old, white men.

I like to start off explaining Civil Engineering with a few examples of what civil engineering is because, let's face it, most people don't really know.  A good number of adults ask me what I do, so I wasn't surprised when adolescents don't know.

Here are a couple of engineering facts for you:

-  The Leaning Tower of Pisa is built in the shape of a banana.  As construction began, they noticed that it was sinking on one side because the soil was too weak to support the building.  So they began compensating by building that side up.  The more weight they added, the more the tower sank.  And it ended up being shaped like a banana.  They have since reinforced the soil for the building.

I was going to include a picture of the Tower of Pisa, but when I googled it, there were too many pictures of people acting like they were holding it up.

-  Why do the British drive on the left side of the road? When I studied traffic engineering in England,  a professor told me that it was linked back to medieval times, when everyone was right-handed.  Knights would joust, holding their joust in their right hand and standing on the left hand side.  A quick google search mentioned that you walked on the left hand side because everyone was right-handed and held their swords in their right hands, standing on the left.  Same basic idea.  Little known fact.

I also like to share a piece of information the head of the department of civil engineering shared at our departmental graduation.  He said, "Doctors kill people one at a time.  Engineers kill them by the dozens."  That usually gets an interesting reaction.  It certainly scared the youknowwhat out of me when he said it.

With that being said, I'd better get back to work.  I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't writing this at work.  :)
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