Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Things Friday

It was one of THOSE weeks.

I won't lie, it started off a little rough.  Phil went fishing on Saturday, which left Henry and I to run all the errands and spend the day together.  It also happened to be about the time that Henry decided to be a naughty boy.

Wouldn't listen.  Bit my face.  Ran away from me in public.  Wouldn't hold my hand in the parking lot.  Slapped me.  Temper tantrums.  Kicked me in the face.  Laughed at me when I cried out of frustration.  Barely napped.

And Phil was late coming home.

Thankfully I had a girls afternoon the next day, but it wasn't exactly enough.  And of course, while Phil was watching Henry during my girls afternoon, Henry ate lunch and then took a three and a half hour nap.

Phil's mom agrees with me that I deserve another girls day.

Here are a few more highlights from this week:

1.  Daycare has requested that Henry no longer bring his dinosaur to school.  And all of the other dinosaurs have been removed from his room as well.  According to Henry, the dinosaurs were eating the other babies.  Unfortunately, they weren't being very gentle about it.  And when I say "they", I mean Henry.

I completely understand why he can't bring his dinosaur.  It makes perfect sense and I totally respect daycare's request.  But a part of me is sad for him.  The first day Henry had to leave his dinosaur, he screamed "MY HENRY'S DINOSAUR" for about 5 minutes.

2.  Last night during dinner, Henry thought it was funny to chew up his food, spit it out, and throw it at me.  It was gross.  But I won't lie... I was slightly impressed with his aim.  The first time he did it, I was facing the opposite direction and he got me square in the head.

Phil and I turned our heads to laugh and then with a straight face, I told him we don't throw our food and told him to say sorry.  I should probably warn daycare about this one.

3.  It's almost sad that we have almost gone through a Costco box of Oreo's.  Ok, so in my defense we have had it for a couple of months.  Even though I am trying to have us eat a little healthier, I refuse to give up a few Oreo's a few days a week.

4.  Henry had a carnival at daycare last week.  Each teacher came up with a game booth and his teacher had a dinosaur fossil dig game.  Part of the decorations was a giant red dinosaur.  When we picked Henry up after his carnival, his teacher told us she wouldn't mind if the dinosaur disappeared in the back of our car.  Actually, she insisted we take it.  So we did.

Henry was excited, but a little upset that the dinosaur had to sit in the very back of the car...

More than a little upset.  He screamed "MY DINOSAUR!" the whole way home.

We are now the proud owner of a very large dinosaur.  Most of the time, Henry insists the thing is balanced on the coffee table.

5.  Henry used to LOVE going to bed.  We would lay him down and he would hang out in his crib for about 30 minutes before he fell asleep.  And he would sleep like 11 hours almost every night.  All of a sudden, Henry is protesting bedtime and naps.  It takes him an hour to an hour and a half to fall asleep and he promptly wakes up at 6:30 in the morning.  I'm not sure why the sudden change.  Is there such a thing as the 2 year old sleep regression?

The week wasn't all bad.  I'm super excited Orange is the New Black came out a day early (and I'm doing my best to not whole myself up inside for the next 2 days, watching it straight.  We have a low-key weekend planned which should be pretty relaxing.  And I am hopeful that this weekend will be better with Henry than last week.  Can't get much worse, right?

Happy weekend!!

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