Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby Janney: Finding Out

Remember this post where I went on a rant about how I was super tired but there was NO WAY I was pregnant?  Guess I was a little wrong.  Although I would have been just barely pregnant, so I don't think that is why I was tired.

They say you know that you are pregnant before you really know you're pregnant.  I totally had that experience.  I got my blood results for my cancer test on a Tuesday.  And by Thursday, I was convinced I was pregnant.  I had shared my feelings with Phil, who didn't really want me to get my hopes up.  He kept telling me, "If you still think that on Monday, then go ahead and take a test".  One of my fertility challenges was that I had a pretty short luteal phase, so he was just excited that at the very least my luteal phase was longer.

I couldn't wait until Monday.  I came home on Friday at lunch to take care of Cotton and decided while I was home I might as well take a pregnancy test.  I had a bunch of the cheap strip tests left over from before the thyroid cancer stuff started, so I figured if nothing else I would be out the ten cents.  It came back a faint positive.

I'll spare you the photos of my pee sticks.

Slightly freaking out, I did what any sane person would do... I sent a picture of it to Joanna and then went back to work.

I figured Jo would text me back right away, sharing in my freak out.  But apparently Joanna has more to do during her day than stare at her phone (the nerve, I know) so it took more like an hour for her to call me back.  By that time, I was in a meeting.

When I was finally able to call her back, she and I devised a plan to find out for sure if I was pregnant or not: take a digital pregnancy test.  I tried to leave work early so I could run to the store and get home to take the test before Phil got home.  But as I went to say good-bye to my dad, he suddenly got very chatty.  By the time I reached Target, I figured Phil would be home.  There was no way I would be able to get home and sneak the tests into the bathroom without Phil catching on (cause you don't usually take your purse into your own bathroom).

So with Joanna on the phone (via bluetooth of course), I bought the digital tests and went into the Target bathroom to take the test.  I peed with Jo on the phone.  And about 10 seconds after I peed on the stick, the word "PREGNANT" was clearly visible.

Joanna and two random women who were also in the bathroom were the first to know I was having a baby.

Phil forgave me pretty quickly, since I'm carrying his child and all.  :)


  1. Hahahaha, I love that you took it in the bathroom at Target! That is so cute.

  2. Hahahaha, this cracked me up! I LOVE that you took it at Target! That's a story for the baby book for sure :o)

  3. Congratulations! I think all good things happen in Target, so why not add finding out your pregnant to that list?


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