Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boy or Girl? Spilling the beans

Because we're super cruel, we decided we didn't want to just tell our families if Baby Janney was a he or a she.  They needed to work for it.

Phil took the little jar to Virginia for his parents.  The big jar was for my family.

The only way to find out... figure out if there are more pink or blue jelly beans.

They each contain 5 more of whatever color Baby Janney is (blue for boy, pink for girl).

It went over real well.  Phil's mom kept telling him he was evil.

And we made the little boys figure it out at my parents' house.

Since you all can't count beans, I will just go ahead and show you the extra 5 beans.


Are you sure?

Baby Janney is a BOY!!

He was quite cooperative during the ultrasound and made sure we had several excellent peeks at his junk.  Hopefully we can teach him a little more modesty when he's actually ex-utero.

We are SO EXCITED!  As cheesy as it sound, it didn't matter to us either way as long as the babe was healthy.  But I think Phil is already figuring out which fishing pole he wants to get the little guy.  :)

Now if we could only figure out a name...


  1. Congratulations! We had a boy first, as well, and it has been amazing! Good luck on the name!

  2. YAY!!! Congratulations!!! We'll have to set up our little gal and your little guy on a date one day ;o)
    And I love how you told your family! So clever! I've never seen it done like that before :o)
    Congrats again! Let the shopping commence!

    PS - "Hopefully we can teach him a little more modesty when he's actually ex-utero." - Hilarious!

  3. ahh what a cute gender reveal. congrats! little boys are so sweet!

  4. Aww such a cute way to do it! Congrats on the baby boy!

  5. Oh a boy! You will love this adventure. Boys have no filters and make you laugh like no ones business. Congrats!

  6. This is such a neat (and yes, cruel) idea! I love it! Yay for boys!!!

  7. What a cute way to tell! I love this idea.

  8. What a neat way to tell the fam!! Congrats on the little BOY!!! I am sure he will fill your heart uo with soo much love!!

  9. This is the best reveal idea I have ever seen! Congrats on your baby boy!!!

  10. SO exciting! And what a fab idea!!! Congratulations!

  11. What a cute idea!!! Loving your blog :-) Xo

  12. Yay congratulations! I'm having a little boy this year too :) SO exciting


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