Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ornaments and Antlers

Enough annoying stuff happened yesterday to just make it laughable, honestly.  I came home, thinking I had had my fill of crappy day only to find that our travel insurance claim had been denied.  Awesome.  Word to the wise: NEVER buy travel insurance.  It basically covers death and sudden illness (i.e. the flu).  That's it.  TOTALLY not worth the time and hassle.

But you know what else was in the mail?  My ornament swap!

Melanie from ohslowdown sent me these gorgeous ornaments:

The pictures don't really do them justice.  I love them!  I love the way they reflect the Christmas lights and they go perfectly with my tree.  It's like she knew me.  :)

My new ornaments along with my pot of chamomile tea helped calm me down.

That and this:

It's not the best picture and it's definitely a little blurry, but if you think those dogs were going to sit still for long with antlers on their heads, then you give them too much credit.  :)

Chamomile tea is like magic.  So is Christmas.


  1. Oh so sweet !! Where do you get those antlers from ? I'd love to have some for Josie :) Gorgeous ornaments & lovely pictures!


  2. Love Taylor and Cotton with those antlers on, too much cuteness :-) the look on Cotton's face, you can see him thinking mum, what have you done to us? Love it!

  3. Those antlers are SO cute. They could make any bad day good!

  4. THE DOGS. I DIE. Oh my god.

    Also, I just noticed the people down the street have a dog that looks like a big Cotton. I might kidnap it.

  5. I made my doggy wear antlers too! :) Like when we go to the Christmas market. :D People LOVE IT!

    Anyway...I wanted to ask if you wanted to swap buttons? I already have your button on my blog.

    Visit and let me know.

    Iris♥ -The Blue Birdhouse

  6. Super cute! love the pics of the pups! :) my puppy wouldn't sit with them on, she'd immediately try to eat them :)



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