Thursday, December 27, 2012

An Older Brother

I always wanted to have a boy first.

I LOVED having an older brother growing up (well sometimes I didn't love it, but for the most part I did).  Ok... I loved having ONE older brother.  The other brother was kind of mean to me growing up.  He and my older sister (she's the oldest, he's next in line) would gang up on the other brother and I.

My brother is 6 years older than I am.  When I was in kindergarten, they accidentally let us out for recess at the same time as the sixth graders.  I went to get on the "big toy" and a 6th grader yelled at me that little kids couldn't get on the toy.  My brother came up right behind him and said, "Leave her alone! That's my sister!"  And the boy left me alone.

And he'd comfort me when my sister made multiple threats to do bad things (it's a long story).

Sure, he wouldn't open the door for me when I broke my finger.  But that was just once.

He did help motivate me to learn math as soon as possible because I got tired of him saying "Natalie... Do YOU know how to do Algebra?  I do!"

And he used to let me build a LEGO house when he did lego towns.

He'd let me play on his SEGA with him.  And because of him, I know ALL of the words to Wayne's World and "Bohemian Rhapsody". ("I don't even own A gun, let along many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.  What am I going to do with a gun rack?")

Eventually he started dating a really nice girl (who I didn't like at the time because I NEVER got to see my brother anymore) and they got married.  After they were married, they would let me spend the night with them occasionally and I thought that was the COOLEST thing EVER!!

He's always been a great example of being responsible, financially independent, motivated, a caring spouse, and a great parent.  And I think having him and my dad in my life are a main reasons why I ended up with such a great husband, because I knew that men like that existed and I shouldn't settle for any less.

And now I have an awesome sister-in-law (who is basically my sister since she's been in my life since I was 12) and two awesome nephews and they have Phil and I over every month to play cards and hang out.

I LOVED having an older brother.

Hopefully Baby Janney is that kind of an older brother.

PS - Don't get me wrong, I love my other brother too.  :)  But this brother and I were MUCH closer growing up.


  1. Aw I bet he will be! I love the relationships I have with my siblings. The ups and downs, all of it!

  2. Aww! I have two younger brothers and ADORE them! :-) Found you through Casey! :-)

  3. I have two older brothers too and it is so nice to have brothers. Especially nice if they put up with our whining prissy ways at times too. ;)

    All the best to you and these new afventures!!!


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