Monday, December 3, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

I had lofty plans for this past weekend.  It was the first weekend we didn't have any plans and I didn't have to spend hours writing.  I thought for sure I would get so many things done around the house.  I wanted to wrap my Christmas presents, scrub the kitchen floor, and organize the office.

I did none of it.

I did manage to buy some maternity clothes because the things I can wear are becoming increasingly small.  I have gotten the impression from the blog world that the cool thing to do is go as long as possible without needed maternity clothes.  Not totally sure why this is.

One day last week, my pants were so uncomfortable that I had to actually COMPLETELY unzip them, while at work.  And then I accidentally flashed our receptionist my underwear.  I decided that would be the last day I didn't wear maternity pants.

Turns out all the pants I bought are a little on the large side.  However, I do believe by the time the babe gets here, they will probably fit just fine.  Oh joy.

Onto Sunday... I thought for sure I'd get a ton of stuff done.  Laundry for sure if nothing else.


Church.  Grocery store.  Lunch.  Headache was coming on.  Two hour nap.  Then it was time for Phil to call his parents.  And that was about six kinds of frustrating.  By the time we went to my parents house for dinner (hooray for my mom keeping me from having to cook), my trusty friend Tylenol was doing little for my head.

Long story short, my headache woke me up twice, made me late for work and still won't go away.  Plus, I spent the morning calling my endo's office because they haven't called me back about my blood test (turns out the wonderful lab I had it done at didn't send it to him so now I get to call them), calling my perinatologist's office to get my ultrasound scheduled even though they were supposed to call me to schedule it.  Their next available is two weeks after we were hoping to have it done.  My hormonal self almost lost it after that.  

The day is only half over and I'm just sure things will get better for me.  Or I will cry.  It's definitely one or the other.

I need this guy to cuddle with me tonight.  

He did cuddle with me this morning.  He was the big spoon (arm drapped across my arm and everything).  It was really cute.

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling swell. I've had plenty of days like that this pregnancy where I really want to get stuff done and end up having no energy at all. You'll be good as new soon though :o) Plus, you have an adorable furry cuddle buddy so that makes everything better!

    And I agree with you on the maternity clothes. I bought jeans right away because mine were so tight by 8 weeks that I would have to unbuckle them when we'd eat out. I got up once and walked across the whole restaurant before I realized I was giving a little peep show, lol


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