Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Bump

Merry Christmas Eve!!  My gift to you on the wonderful day before we celebrate the birth of Jesus... \

a picture of me!

You probably should have done a Christmas List.

{18 weeks and 1 day}

Once again, I am very timely in my bump picture posts.  This picture is from last week.  And I just realized since I did do a little editing of this picture, I should have added text on it to indicate the number of weeks.  Live and learn.

My last bump picture post was actually quite liberating.  I appreciated all of your comments and words of encouragement.  I have decided to give myself a definite body break.  However, I did crop out my butt.  :)  It's not totally because my butt is big (which is has always kind of been) but more because for some reason I was WAY arching my back in these pictures and stickin' it WAY out.  Not attractive.  Neither is the second chin... or the hunchback (hi bad posture) but whatevs.  I like to have room for improvement.

I think the back arching caused my bump to stick out a little more than it really does.  False advertising.

If you wanted pictorial proof of the back arching, here ya go:

It's a little blurry. But gives the general idea.  At least I only have one chin in that picture.  And quite the pleased expression.

You get the jist.

Yes this is an entire post about my bump again.  Deal.

Phil and I did MUCH better taking the pictures this time.  I was pretty proud of us.  But we did get in a little tift later that night... totally unrelated to the photo taking and more related to my commenting on his driving.  He doesn't like a backseat driver.  Go figure.

Anyway... I read this past week that one of the reasons I have been able to feel Baby Janney move so much is because I have such lax ab muscles...  Like I needed another reminder I am out of shape.  I got that message yesterday when I worked out for the first time in too long.  I managed to survive 30 minutes on the elliptical, but haven't been as eager to return.  Maybe later today.  Maybe.


  1. aw cute pics, very festive! merry christmas eve!

  2. So cute!! My husband is the worst "for the blog so it has to look decent" picture-taker ever. Merry Christmas!

  3. So adorable! And I would expect you back to arch when you have extra weight on the front. Don't beat yourself up about it. Beautiful!

  4. You look absolute wonderful with your cute bump, and don't worry about your butt and chin, we don't see it :-)

    Have yourself a wonderful Christmas! Next one will be with baby Janney!


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