Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time to VOTE: BOY or GIRL

Most of my family (excluding my mom and Jeffrey) are CONVINCED that Baby Janney will be a girl.  My coworkers think Baby Janney is a girl.  My best friends think Baby Janney is a girl.

What do you think?

To help educate your vote, here are the answer to some very important questions (aka Old Wives' Tales):

- Carrying baby HIGH or LOW?  Heck if I know.

- Heartrate ABOVE or BELOW 140 bpm?  The baby's heartrate has been consistently ABOVE 140.

- Morning sickness after the first trimester, YES or NO?  I never really had morning sickness, so NO.

- Do I lay on my LEFT side or my RIGHT side?  I can lay on both, but prefer my RIGHT side.

- Craving SALTY or SWEET?  I just made a million cookies last week, but I am going to go with SALTY.

- Have more headaches, YES or NO?  YES, unfortunately.

- Are you MOODY or HAPPY?  Phil would probably say MOODY, but I think probably BOTH.

- Is your skin SOFT or DRY?  DRY, but nice and oily which is weird.

That cleared it all up for you, right?  Now go VOTE!!  The poll is in the top right.

Phil and I find out (hopefully) next Wednesday.  But because he leaves the next day for Virginia, we probably won't be telling anyone until after he gets back.  It will be torture I think and I'm not sure if I can do it.  :)


  1. Each time I've thought of your baby I've always thought of a girl, I don't know why!

  2. How exciting - congrats on your baby (I'm new here)! I'm pregnant with my 2nd (due April 1st), and it's been interesting to see the differences and similarities. And it's my 2nd boy, so, the difference in symptoms did nothing for me. ;)

  3. Hi there! New follower and I voted boy just cause I craved salt and didn't get sick either! Looks like most people, however, think it's a girl so far! Either way, hope you have a Happy Holiday and feel free to follow back!


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