Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maternity Clothes

It has always seemed to me that there was some badge of honor associated with not wearing maternity clothes when you are pregnant.  Like you get a medal or something for not wearing them or putting off needing them as long as possible.  It kind of baffles me.

Sure I get the idea of not having to buy a whole new wardrobe.  Believe me... I get it.  However, starting in like the 8th week, my bloating and constant need to pee made it almost impossible to sit wearing regular pants and not wet myself.  It wasn't long before I began unbuttoning my pants by 2 in the afternoon.

But you know what the problem is with the whole rubberband trick?  There's nothing really holding the zipper of your pants up.  And the belly band thing kind of works.  Sometimes.  As long as you don't mind adjusting it every time you stand or move.

Not to mention, EVENTUALLY you're going to need maternity clothes.  So it seems weird to put off the inevitable.

For what I have seen, the women who advocate for not wearing maternity clothes either work from home, are housewives, or haven't been pregnant (I had two friends suggest I just buy bigger clothes rather than maternity clothes... yeah it doesn't work like that).

Here's what happens when you don't wear maternity clothes:

-  You stand up to get something from the copier and realize once you have walked past three of your coworkers (one of which was your father) that your fly is COMPLETELY open.

-  Your non-maternity tank top and t-shirt keep riding up OVER your belly.  Constant readjusting them DOWN over the belly only causes the every growing chest region to make some inappropriate appearance.

-  Because you try and zip up your pants to avoid flashing your underwear at everyone in the office, your pants dig into your stomach, causing you to have to pee every 5 seconds.  And when you aren't peeing, you're just plain uncomfortable because you feel like you're going to explode out of your pants.

-  Your unbuttoned, unzipped pants constantly fall down in the back.  Thank goodness for the long sweater because the tank top and t-shirt, which would have been long enough to cover your backside pre-pregnancy keep trying to camp above the bump.

I'm not saying all of those things happened yesterday when I wore regular skinny jeans, a regular tank (long tank) and a regular t-shirt (also long), and a long (maternity) cardigan.  Ok... they ALL happened yesterday.

Worst part... I had a night meeting that was filmed for television broadcast.  I'm hoping I didn't show the entire City (cause you know the entire City was watching) my underwear.

I think I'll be sticking with mostly maternity clothes from now on.  At least for shirts and pants.


  1. Embrace the maternity clothes! They have come out with cute ones anymore - you've waited this long to wear them - rock them!!!

  2. Aside from having a baby at the end, I'm most excited for the excuse to wear maternity clothes! I already wear them (despite being skinny) because they are comfortable and have long torsos. But stretchy pants? Sign me up!

  3. I hear ya girl! I have no idea why people put it off so long. All that does is stretch out your normal clothes. Plus, it's not like maternity clothes are gross or anything - there are so many cute styles now. My mom is always amazed by them - she says back in her day you just wore tents, lol. I will share one piece of advice though that I learned - invest in nice jeans. I bought a couple of pairs from Motherhood Maternity and they drive me nuts. The denim stretches a lot throughout the day so by the afternoon it feels like they are falling down or sagging. Not a fun feeling :o\ You'd think that giant watermelon I'm carrying around would keep them from slipping, but apparently not, lol!

    Anyway, have fun maternity shopping! Can't wait to see more pics of your cute little bump!


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