Monday, December 17, 2012

The Weekend

Well... it's Monday again.  And this weekend proved to be just as short as any of them.  I thought I'd share a little of what we did as well as some random thoughts I have been having.

Saturday night, we found these:

Leading from the back door.  Taylor, of course, is a saint and ALWAYS waits to have her feet wiped before coming inside.  Cotton hasn't learned such patience.  He apparently has also not learned that he shouldn't dig in the backyard, since that is what caused his paws to be so muddy.

{Yes, one of our shower curtains is a map of the world.  It has all the countries AND their capitols.  
It is functional and educational}

He was so ashamed of himself, it was hard to scold him.  We were kind of cracking up laughing while trying to say in a stern, serious voice, "No digging!"  I'm sure the message came across loud and clear.  So far, Cotton is teaching Phil and I that as long as our kids are fine at being laughed at, our parenting skills will be top notch.

After we cleaned up the pup and the kitchen floor, we headed out for some ice cream.  Because nothing says DECEMBER and FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE and IT'S RAINING like ice cream.

And what goes together better than Candy Cane ice cream and Cookies and Cream?  Nothing I tell you.

How did I convince my husband to go out in the freezing cold and rain to get ice cream?  Well, the random crying fit in the afternoon about absolutely nothing at all helped.  I think you can officially say I'm a touch on the moody side.

Sunday at church it was time for the Children's combined Christmas program.  It was a combination of the choir, the high school youth group and the elementary kids that included a skit with the usual nativity scene.  Let me start off by saying one of my LEAST favorite things in church... skits.  Mediocre acting does very little for me.  Last year, the skit included the adult actors and they played couples at a Christmas party.  But the people in the couples weren't couples in real-life.  So I got pretty skeeved out when one of the men put his arm around his "wife" for the closing Christmas carol.  Except it wasn't his actual wife.  This is church, people... You don't need to get that into it.

Anyway... it really isn't the best idea for a hormonal formally infertile pregnant woman to watch the children's nativity.  When they brought out the 4-year-old in the sheep hats, I almost lost it.  And I REALLY almost lost it when a 6-year-old boy sang a song called "Happy Birthday, Jesus" (not the birthday song) PERFECTLY on cue in the sweetest little boy voice I have EVER heard.

Even thinking about it now makes me want to cry.


We finished off Sunday night by going to the Blazer game.  And they won!

If you are thinking to yourself, "Man... those are good seats..."  I would have to reply "HECK YES THEY ARE!!!"

And then to bring us back to reality this morning, Cotton pooped at the top of the stairs.

Happy Monday!!  I kind of want to sleep until Wednesday when we have our next ultrasound!!  And I'm doing my best to not be bitter that other pregnant bloggers who have practically the same due date as me have ALREADY had their ultrasounds.  It's going really well.  Not really.

Don't forget to VOTE!!  --------------->  BOY or GIRL?


  1. haha our pup is the same exact way. he can't be left alone even for 5 minutes in the yard or he's digging! and he hates to have his paws wiped. our beige carpets are taking a serious beating with all this muddy/rain business.

    p.s. candy cane ice cream?!?!?! i MUST try it!

  2. Hahaha I'm glad to know that you are practicing your parenting skills on your dog :)


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