Thursday, December 20, 2012


I like to have my insides looked at.  All at once.  All in the same month.

Or at least that would be how it seems the last couple of weeks.  My neck ultrasound was last week and the baby's anatomy ultrasound was yesterday.  One of those was definitely more enjoyable than the other.  Any guesses?

Honestly... I've yet to have a FUN experience with a diagnostic ultrasound.  I kind of wish my first experience with ultrasound would have been pregnancy because diagnostic ultrasounds are kind of terrifying.  And because that had been my primary experience with ultrasonography, it made the first couple baby ultrasounds kind of nerve racking for me.

But I am happy to report that Tuesday, I found out that my neck ultrasound was fine!  No sign of anything weird growing up in my neck.  That's what I like to hear.

And yesterday, we found out the baby's anatomy looked good!  They couldn't get one picture they needed, so we didn't get totally an all-clear for the anatomy.  But we'll get that looked at when we go back for the growth ultrasound in 4 weeks.

From here on out, we will have ultrasounds done every 4 weeks.  This is to make sure the baby is growing properly, since I accidentally exposed the baby to radiation (via radioactive iodine).

Oh... and we found out the baby's gender.  :)

So far I think Baby Janney is still pretty cute.  But I may be biased.


  1. ahh how exciting! i'm glad the neck ultrasound came back all clear! either ultrasounds are getting way better or i have just seen enough now to be able to tell it's a baby! i used think "huh? what am i looking at??" but i can totally see the cute profile here! :)

  2. Awww we have to wait to find out the gender?! You tease.

    When I'm pregnant, I'll be taking PTU (for my hyperthyroid) which of course has my doctors panicking, and they want to do monthly ultrasounds. Were they pretty insistent with you to do them every 4 works from now on? I really don't like the idea of that many ultrasounds, despite being able to see my babe, so having them that often freaks me out!

  3. Yay for good news on the neck ultrasound! That's gotta be a huge relief :o)
    I can't wait to find out what you're having! Are you going to wait until it's confirmed or until they're here?

    Also, your baby takes THE BEST ultrasound pictures. Ours are hilarious because we don't have one that you can actually get a glimpse of what she looks like. In the first one she kept moving and it was done early so it's blurry. Then in the last two she had her hands completely covering her face. Guess it's gonna be a surprise!


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