Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flexing Asians, Vodka, and Quickening

So far, today has been a weird one.

I can definitely say that the pregnancy dreams are in full force.  Unfortunately, Phil's student schedule has us on slightly different sleepy patterns, so he isn't awake in the morning for me to share the strange and sometimes concerning things my mind comes up with.  But maybe that is a good thing.

Like maybe it is a good thing I couldn't share the dream I had last night where two skrawny (not sure how you spell that?) Asian women who didn't speak English were flexing for Phil while our friends, who never play games that don't involve ping pong balls and beer, played a board game I have never actually seen in real life. And for some reason in my dream, every time Phil bent over (which seemed to be a lot) he pulled down his pants in the back, completely exposing his butt.  And then when he stood back up, his boxers had... bunched in a way that made them look like bikini briefs.  And they were leopard.  And this was done all in front of our friends playing the weird board game.

Apparently my role in the dream was merely to observe.

I didn't get to tell him that one.

Then, in my hurry to get out the door and get to work on time (which I was on track to do), I reached into the freezer for an ice pack for my lunch when an almost full bottle of vodka fell out of the freezer and smashed all over the floor.

Phil then woke up, came down stairs and became my knight in shining armor by cleaning the whole thing up so I could get to work.  This was after we discussed how thoroughly the floor needed to be cleaned so that Cotton wouldn't spend all morning licking it and get drunk.  I was 15 minutes late.

At least the floor is disinfected by Stoly.  A little more expensive floor cleaner than Lysol.  Sometimes, that's how we Janney's roll.

And finally, to complete the randomness that is this morning, I have been spending the last ten minutes having a mental pleading session with Baby Janney.  I don't know what the heck "quickening" really is and I know it is still a little early to be feeling it, but if Baby Janney could just make me feel it's movement I would really appreciate it!

I'm actually pretty sure I've felt it already, I just haven't realized that's what it is.

This was a weird blog post.  Now go secure the alcohol in your freezer!


  1. aren't dreams the weirdest? haha I love the ones that make asboutly NO SENSE at all! haha You must be getting anxious/excited!

  2. That dream is crazy!! I had some INSANE dreams when I went off birth control but they went away luckily. I hate waking up with weird dreams like yours and then just laying in bed thinking, 'Oh my gosh, what the hell just happened?'

    I hope you feel the baby kick/move soon!!

  3. Ok i am dying right now after reading your pregnancy dreams. Hahahahah that is sooooo funny.


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