Monday, June 18, 2012

2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

Since we have been trying to get a new puppy (and since a new puppy would be expensive), we decided a while ago that our anniversary gift would be the dog.  No big fancy dinner.  No weekend getaway.  Not fancy gift.

The traditional second anniversary gift is Cotton.

Please meet Cotton.

After that last litter died, I didn't really mention this litter much.  I was so afraid that something would happen and they would died too.  I didn't really let myself get excited, since I was afraid I would be disappointed again.

Our puppy visit was Saturday.  2 hours full of puppies.  It was so much fun.  I'm super excited again.  :)

There were three boys in this litter and we had the last pick (meaning we would get whichever puppy the two people in front of us didn't choose).  So when we got pictures of the puppies a few weeks ago, Phil and I tried not to get attached to any particular puppy.  But Phil didn't really follow those instructions.  He wanted the almost all white puppy (which would end up being Cotton).

When we got to the puppy visit yesterday, the people with the first pick had already chosen the puppy they wanted.  Both our breeder and the breeder of this litter wanted us to have the almost all white puppy.  They had told us they were going to try to convince the girl with the second pick to take the other puppy, so we could have Cotton.

Turns out, the girl didn't need any convincing.  She and the woman with the first pick wanted the puppies with the most orange color (not Cotton).  They didn't wanted Cotton, which worked out great for us.  We wanted him.  Taylor was the leftover from a litter as well and she is the best dog.  I'm sure Cotton will be the same way.

2 weeks until we get to bring him home!  I am counting the days (more like counting the hours).


  1. I am dying of the cute. And I'm so excited for you guys!

  2. OH jeez how cute is he! Is he a Brittney? I am so excited for you! Congrats!

  3. So cute!!! That's so exciting :D

  4. Oh too cute! And I love the idea of naming the puppy Cotton! Congrats on your new baby!

  5. ADORABLE. What a gift! Both the puppy and letting yourself get excited again! :)

    Distinctly M

  6. So cute!! Love the idea of naming him Cotton.

  7. what a cute and creative idea to name the puppy cotton. i love that!! traditional and non-traditional

  8. my heart my heart my heart.. I need that dog, and I am already plotting to steal someone elses, this is getting out of control.

  9. I'm dying at how cute! ah! we chose a puppy as my birthday gift this year and we are loving our mini doxie named bouncer! anyway, I live in portland and found you thru NWblogger meetup people i was not able to go, but trying to make friends in the area, email me or check out my blog if interested in hanging out and getting to know each other:)

  10. OMG. SO cute! Yay for having a puppy, and I love how you chose his name. :)

  11. This makes me really want to hold a puppy so badly! My parents train hunting dogs, and so their breeder lets us come out for "puppy socializing" even when my parents aren't taking a puppy from the litter. Puppies are so sweet and smell so good! Congratulations on getting little Cotton, can't wait to hear about his adventures with you and Taylor!

  12. I just died of happiness. cotton is just the bees knees.


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