Monday, June 4, 2012


There's a coffeeshop I like to go to on the weekends.  They have kick-ass lattes and a pretentious environment I find oddly conducive to writing.  Phil wanted to go fishing on Sunday and I had couple of hours to spare before I went to Danielle's house to make freezer jam, so I headed to the coffeeshop to do a little writing.

At the table next to me (and the outlet for my computer) were two married couples.  For over an hour, they had (at full volume) conversations about their kids, the economy, their church (and the possible real estate purchase the church was hoping to make), and managing wills. 

But what struck me the oddest about the conversation was that one of the husbands never let his wife finish a sentence.  Not only did he not let her finish a sentence, every time he interrupted her he changed the subject.  EVERY TIME.  He needed to just keep hush for a second and let his wife talk.

Yes, I eavesdrop on conversations.  If you are going to talk at a normal volume, I'm going to listen.

Right before they left, a little old man sat at another table next to me.  There was the CUTEST English bulldog puppy outside and we were both looking at him.  The old man started talking to me about the puppy.  Apparently he used to raise Dalmatians.  Then he talked about about his 2 dogs.  One of them was hit by a car last year and had to be in a cast. 

So I started talking to him about the puppies and about Taylor.  Then with a sad and honest expression, he told me that his dogs were all he had.  And that they were what kept him going.  We talked about dogs a little bit more and then he got ready to leave.  Before he left he thanked me for talking with him.  He said he really needed a little conversation.

Break my heart.

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  1. My mama always tells me that you never know who you might encourage in life, it's the little things that matter. I bet you really encouraged that sweet man! Thanks for sharing!! And I love the movie, Up!!

  2. I literally go out of my way to smile at little old men. Especially at the Navy hospital. Man it just cheers them right up!

  3. That is so sweet about that old man. When Andy doesn't let me finish a sentence I yell "WOULD YOU LET ME TALK!!" Us ladies need to speak up sometimes.

  4. Little old men??? I can't even handle them. They break my heart over and over again.

  5. awwww.. thank goodness you spoke to him. amazing the little things.. like a little time and conversation that can mean so much.

  6. Aww, poor old man. :( I feel sad for him now too, and I wasn't even there! :(

  7. That conversation makes me want to cry. Poor man. Glad you took the time to talk with him and help him feel a little less alone.


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