Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Recap

I put together a list of random thoughts from this week.  I figure it is better than another post where I talk about my feelings.  We'll save that for Monday.  :)  Meanwhile, my husband is earning points toward his Saint-hood left and right.  I can't even tell you what last night's cry-fest was about.  Oh... thyroid hormones.

{Another picture from my walk with Taylor yesterday.}

- Facebook has really just turned into a place to announce pregnancy.  EVERY DAY someone is either announcing they are pregnant or having a baby.  The next person to announce they are pregnant on Facebook is getting de-friended.  I mean business, people.

-  Speaking of which, I am working on three baby blankets right now.  Now that my radioactivity has dropped, I feel like it is safe for me to work on baby-related craft projects.  These people and their babies better love these dang blankets.  If they don't, I want them back.

-  Dawson's Creek is on Netflix now.  It is awesome in a ridiculous kind of way.  It is made even better since I have been reading Suri's Burn Book.

-  I need to find a support group for my addiction to Cherry 7Up.  It is getting out of hand.

-  Sometimes I wish I could post more about my job and working with relatives.  But really I can't.  Being a business owner means I have to keep things on the down-low sometimes.  Let's just say that this week I have discovered that what I like to call "Man Logic" is alive and well.  And it is kind of dumb.  Because that $h!t wouldn't fly with any woman anywhere.

-  I read a post yesterday that gave health and fitness advice to ward off diseases like cancer and infertility.  I love the implication that I made myself sick.  Just because you are lucky enough to be healthy doesn't mean that you do anything special that I don't.  And that post isn't the first time that implication has been made.  Next time someone implies that to my face, they may get a verbal bitch slap.

-  Phil refuses to read the Harry Potter books, but he loves it when I read them to him.  So we are starting at the beginning.  But since my reading voice is so soothing, we fall asleep about 3 minutes after I begin reading.  In 2 weeks of reading, we have made it to Chapter 2.  It might take us a while to finish all 7 books.

-  I really stuck my foot in my mouth at work yesterday with one of my coworkers.  I basically implied that she was too old to have babies.  It was an accident and she was a good sport about it.  But it had been a while since I REALLY dug myself a hole.  Here's an example of one of the BEST foot in mouth moments I have ever had:

I was at a city hall for a meeting with one of our clients.  This building happens to be an open air, concrete building.  In Oregon.  And it happened to be raining that day (surprise).  So we were standing in the open hair hall, freezing our behinds off.

Me:  Man it's cold.  I hate this building.

Client:  Oh yeah?

Me:  Yeah.  I mean who would design an open air building in Oregon like this?

Client:  My father.

Turns out his dad was an architect and actually designed city hall.  Of course.  He likes to tell people that story.  Eventually I will learn to just STOP TALKING.

{Baby grapes}


  1. May I just echo your 4th point.... :)

  2. Oh dear! Too funny! Hope your weekend is a good one! Oh, and as far as the Harry Potter reading thing goes, we're the same way about reading out loud together - we totally fall asleep! BUT, we've really enjoy listening to the books on tape (CD) read by Jim Dale. In fact we're just finishing The Deathly Hallows this week. I plan to go back and start at the beginning though b/c I JUST visited Harry Potter World in FL THIS WEEK!!!! It was so amazing, and now I need to go devour the books and movies all over again to keep the magic alive :-)

  3. Suri's Burn Book is hilarious. I love it. And please let me know what time you and Phil read HP's. I'm coming over. I'll bring my own pillow.

  4. I simply love random thoughts, maybe because I have them all the time! ;) Oh my, that you vs. client bit was a winner...don't you hate it when that happens! LOL! Oh sticking ones foot in ones month...never fun! Also, thank you so much for such a sweet and supportive comment on my blog, I'll be sure to document my journey! :)

  5. Hi! Just found your blog via FF on Hollie's blog :) I'm so happy to be a new follower! xoox, eliza

  6. My husband loves it when I read Harry Potter to him as well, and won't read it himself! He ends up falling asleep within minutes and I continue reading (I just can't stopppp) so I have to re-read it AGAIN the next night, or whenever we happen to read it again.

    So many of my friends are having babies right now and my ovaries are just saying LET ME MAKE A BABY. I'm working on my bachelors before going to med school so I don't want a baby right now, but at the same time I want one so bad! I'm not in the same situation as you are as far as reasons why I can't have kids, but I understand that insane deep desire to have one and not being able to. We'll have to just live vicariously through other people for now.

  7. lovely blog. Do you want to follow each other darling? XoXo

  8. hahaha thats hysterical (the last conversation:) sorry that happened :) just found your blog from ff and i'm excited to be your newest follower! i'd love for you to come visit me at :)
    have a great weekend!

  9. Great!


  10. Oh I just love blogs that give me that kind of advice about kidney disease! I have also discovered freakishly many of them! And by "love", I mean "they make me want to throw my computer out of the window". :/


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