Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My war against sunburns

I'm allergic to the sun.  I don't just say that because I am whiter than white and can't tan to save my life.  I really am allergic to the sun.  If my skin get too hot and is exposed to the sun, I get a rash.  Not a sunburn, a rash.  If my skin is covered... no rash.

My ancestors are the epitome of white-ness.  I'm English, Irish, German, Russian and Norwegian.  Absolutely none of those areas are none for their caramel-colored complexion.

Since we are entering summer (and we are preparing for a weekend in the desert next week), it was time to stock-up on all things sun-protection related.  And my yearly skin-check (cause you have to have those when you are whiter than porcelain) is the week after our weekend-trip.  So I really can't get burnt.

Plus now I have this brand-new neck scar. I hear scars hurt REALLY bad when they get sunburned. Scar skin is supposed to be more sensitive than regular skin. I ask my mom the best way to protect my neck scar and she replied, "Cover it."  Yeah... we are going to be in 100 degree heat.  I'm not wearing a turtle-neck or a scarf.

But I figured it out...

{Look at my big hat! and not the woman wearing the pajama nightie}

I bought a REALLY big hat. 

And three bottles of sunscreen.

Plus I plan to wear maxi-dresses (cause then I don't have to worry about my legs).  I'm no amateur here.

Thyroid cancer was enough for me.  I certainly don't want skin cancer too.


  1. Dear lord! You poor thing... on the upside - you look adorable in hats :)

  2. I love that hat! I got the WORST sun rash when I was in Hawaii. No amount of cortisone cream could help me. I'm Irish and Native American. Obviously, my Irish won in the genetic pool of my skin tone. Blah.

  3. Target is awesome. What's with the lady in the night gown? You look fabulous. You crack me up. Can't wait to see you and my new nephew cotton in a few weeks.

  4. I freaking LOOOOVE it!! Love, love, love. You got yourself covered! No pun intended. ;)

    ps, I've seen the CUTEST big floppy hats at Fred Meyer too!

    Distinctly M

  5. I also bought a really big hat for the summer!!!!! love it with all this fair skin I have going on.

  6. That lady freaks me out. I know we're supposed to be focused on you in that picture, but... wow. Just, wow.

    Good luck staying safe in the sun! Looks like you're doing everything you can to make it a safe and fun trip.

  7. Oh I just like to refer to my whiteness and my vampire-like skin tone. It's cute.

    German-Irish... hello relative, hello.

  8. I actually really love that hat! Very cute! :)


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