Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest Post: The Daily Tay

Last week, Taylor tweeted she was in the mood for "guest blogging blitz."  Since I think Taylor is one of the FUNNIEST bloggers out there, I decided I would jump all over that shiz.

Her latest Bachelorette recap made it tolerable for Phil to watch the episode with me.  His exact words were that Taylor's recap was "more entertaining than the actual show."  I agree.


Hello Mrs. Janney Readers!
TGIF woo hoo!
My name is Taylor and I blog over at the The Daily Tay

I usually just write about a hodge podge of different things-
like my love/hate relationship with Emily Maynard,
Jessica Simpson's baby
and the fact I believe cursive writing was invented by a bunch
of pretentious 3rd graders.
Really it's mostly about my life in Chicago 
with my wonderful boy, Chris,
and the little pup we both love way too much, Harlow.

In honor of Mrs. Janney's lovely post about her two year wedding anniversary,
I thought I'd share some knowledge I've learned 
after being in a relationship for quite some time, as well.
Just so you know a little bit of our background, Chris and I been together for just about
five years and have lived together for two.
We're not against marriage, neither of us just feel old enough to do it yet...
And I still blush at the idea of kissing Chris in front of my parents.

Living together is hard.
Mostly because I'm convinced girls have just a few more crazy genes that boys do.
I tried to deny this for years, I played the "cool girlfriend" for a really long time.
But it's just the way it is, so we might as well accept it.

Here a few of the common "debacles" Chris and I often get into.

He says I "hide his stuff," I say I put it away.
Shoes go in the closet. So when he leaves them in the living room at night,
and then can't find them the next morning in the same spot,  he thinks they're hidden.
When in fact, the shoe fairy (me) just put them back where they belong.

He likes to keep every single thing possible out and available on the bathroom sink.
And contrary to popular belief, boys have a lot of bathroom stuff.
Razors, shaving creme, lotion, contacts, contact solution, contact case, etc etc.
But silly old me thinks that is exactly what the bathroom drawers are for.
So I put it away. And then we start the game of 
"where did you hide my bathroom stuff" all over again...

This cup doesn't leave a ring, I don't need a coaster.
Yes, yes you do. All cups leave rings.
In hindsight, the glass coffee table wasn't the best option for me and my OCDness.
But I have to deal with it, so that means coasters a must.
That isn't so much to ask, right?

A made bed, is a happy bed.
I hate getting into an unmade bed at night. 
It just feels dirty.
Chris doesn't feel the same way. He could go his entire life without making a bed
and be perfectly fine with it.

And I am going to stop there because I didn't realize
what a wacko I have turned into.
I swear I'm not crazy, we just have a teeny tiny apartment 
here in Chicago and any clutter/mess makes it feel ten times smaller.
(these are typical excuses crazies often make)

Bottom line, 
my days are better coming home to Chris. 
I couldn't imagine living with anyone else in the entire world.
When we first started dating back in college five years ago everyone said 
we were in the "puppy love stage" and it would eventually fade.
And yet I keep wondering when it will...
I guess I just got pretty lucky.

Okay, this is as sappy as it gets, this is actually unusually gushy for me. 
Mrs. Janney must bring out the lovey/dovey side in people.

So stop on by so you can check out my usual 
more sarcastic and cynical posts!

She's hilarious, right?  I'll try to keep it quiet that I am sometimes a terribly messy person so that Taylor will still be my friend.  I promise I ALWAYS use coasters though.


  1. Um... is she dating my Chris??? I'm having an epiphany. It must be the Chris'. Just went and read her Bach recap. And promptly followed her.

  2. Cute! The comment about "hiding" his stuff made me laugh. :)


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