Wednesday, September 19, 2012


These days, I have the best of intentions and the WORST follow through.  I have a million projects that I am dying to get done.  Literally a million.  There just is not enough time in the day.  Plus I seem to be extremely lazy.  Here's a small sampling for your viewing pleasure.  And no, all of my blog posts will not be in list form. Just two this week... so far.

-  Remember when I said I was going to learn Spanish?  Yeah haven't done that.

-  Remember when I said I was going to make baby blankets for the 4 people I knew who were having babies?  Well, they were all born and I made 1/4 of a blanket.  I do however have all of the fabric and supplies to make them all.  So here's my new quandary?  Do I make them and give them to them WAY late?  Or just make them and wait for their next little editions?

-  I'm dying for pumpkin bread and have everything to make a healthier version of THIS RECIPE.  Haven't done it.

-  I also really want to make some sweet and spicy walnuts.  They are so yummy and still unmade.

-  I've had the materials to make this super cute owl pillow for AT LEAST 6 months.  Probably longer.

-  And when I was looking for this owl pillow online, I found this owl toy as well.  And now I want to make it too.

-  Over a year ago, I bought the material to make a Halloween banner similar to the one I made for Braxton's baby shower and Tegan's Bridal shower.  It will take maybe 2 hours.  Haven't done it.

{I airbrushed out Tegan's last name, per her request}

-  And before I decide to barricade myself in the office where my sewing machine is housed, I should probably clean it so that I can walk through the room.  Just an idea.

And yet none of those things have gotten done.  And they aren't likely to get done super quickly.  But that OK.  Life has been happening.  I'll just have to keep track of my giant to-do list and try to chip away at it as much as I can.

Honestly, puppy cuddles have been the main reason I haven't gotten much done.  But can you blame me?


  1. I've been very distracted lately too. Between homework, work, and putting costumes on my cats, I barely have time for much.

  2. Seriously puppie cuddles r pretty much all I need 2 procrastinate on anything... He is completely adoable....

  3. Get the all the puppy cuddles you can! They don't stay puppies for very long.

  4. I cannot blame you. However. Make that damn owl. Please. It is so flippin cute.

  5. I've been the same recently, I keep adding stuff to my to-do list and then not doing any of it! Those all seem like fun things, though, so hopefully you get the zazz to do some soon!

  6. Such a good picture of him!! He is a cutie for sure :)

  7. You're not only in this, same here, but as long as we have intentions to do it, guess it's not a complete waste ;-)

    and yes, cuddles (puppy or baby girl in my case) are always better than to-do lists

  8. same here. the dog is a completely valid excuse since he is completely adorable.


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