Friday, September 21, 2012


So about this doll convention. Apparently it is multiple days. I think it may actually go through the weekend. And I kid you not... they are having seminars on "surprise slumber parties" and "dancing with circus stars".

I really shouldn't be so judgmental. But I always feel like a clown with a bunch of balloons is going to jump out at me on my way to the bathroom.

I managed to not fall asleep today. At least not for more than 3 seconds so it doesn't count. And it's not the subject matter. I have learned a great deal about earthquakes. I won't share it with you. But it has been interesting.

Phil informed me this morning that he let Cotton sleep on the bed last night. I think he is trying to become his new favorite.

He also told me that Cotton and Taylor sat at the front door, whining with their ears down. And then he sent me this picture:

And my heart broke. They have us wrapped around their little paws. Extra snuggles when I get home.



  1. "wrapped around their little paws" ... so cute. I'm gonna have to use that one. :) So Dan is out of town ... It is soooo hard for me not to let Sherm sleep in our bed. Ugh. Torture.

  2. When we had two dogs my favorite thing ever was when they'd cuddle together! It's so cute.

    And that's so creepy about the doll convention!


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