Monday, September 17, 2012

28 Things

Phil's birthday is rapidly approaching.  I got him a couple of gifts (a new wallet and some interview clothes cause we are exciting like that) but it just doesn't feel like enough.  Not only because they are the lamest gifts on the planet.  But because I don't know how to show him how I grateful I am for him being born and getting to spend my life with him.

So I came up with 28 things (since he'll be 28) that I absolutely love about him.  And there are SO MANY more than just 28 things (like the fact that he is Southern, which didn't make the list).

1.  He takes Cotton out in the middle of the night.

2.  He helps me pack my lunch.

3.  He doesn't dry my sweaters.

4.  He watches Gilmore Girls with me.

5.  We have great "fake fights".

6.  He laughs at my stupid jokes.

7.  He let me get a puppy.

8.  He smells good.

9.  He has cute legs.

10.  He talks to me while I cook dinner.

11.  Sometimes he plays the guitar for me while I cook dinner.

12.  He supports my crazy ideas like making our own bread.

13.  He took care of absolutely everything while I studied for the PE Exam.

14.  He helps me fold laundry.

15.  He vacuums.

16.  He cleans the bathroom so well that lab experiments could be conducted in there.

17.  He knows that by the time I have mentioned an "idea" that I have, it means I have thought about it extensively and what to do it.

18.  We can talk and talk and talk and not get bored with each other.

19.  He's smart.  Like crazy smart.  Like "how on earth can you know all that stuff" kind of smart.

20.  He kills spiders for me.

21.  He kisses me good night every night and before I go to work.

22.  He hugged and held me when I found out we had fertility problems, that I had nodules and that those nodules were cancer.

23.  And then he wiped my tears as I cried because I was afraid of surgery.

24.  He woke up every 4 hours for 3 days to make sure I ate and took my pain medicine after both surgeries.

25.  And he cooked all my meals for a month while I prepared for my radioacitve iodine ablation.

26.  He carried my fears and anxieties when they were too great for me, without letting me know he was just as scared and anxious as I was.

27.  The way he takes care of me and loves me is noticed by everyone and one of my friends even told me that that's the kind of man she is looking to marry (if only Phil's single friends lived in Oregon...).

28.  He's my absolute best friend.

Happy Birthday my love!  I hope your 28th year is a spectacular one.


  1. Happy birthday Phil! I'm so glad you take such good care of my friend :)

  2. awwwww, this is so cute! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  3. natalie. you should know that i read like four blogs at 7am when i take sharkie to the bathroom. i read this post at 7am. and i got teary eyed.

    happy birthday, phil! thank you for eating all our leftover tater tots.

  4. Oh man, well this is the sweetest thing ever.

    I need a husband like that. thanks. So get on it girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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