Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy Lately

Oh man... to say that things have been hectic lately is nothing short of an understatement. Things have been less than ideal these last 2 weeks.

Without going into too many details, Phil's dad had a medical emergency (I'm not sure how much information Phil is comfortable with putting out there). Since family is pretty much one of the most important things to me and because Phil IS the most important thing to me, I sent Phil to Virginia right away to make sure he could spend time with his family. He was gone a week.

At the same time, I was trying to prepare for my best friend Joanna's baby shower. I had been looking at ideas and trying out recipes for a couple of months. I wanted it to be just right... classy and unique. Well Phil and I had planned on getting a lot of work done around the house to prepare for having people over for the shower, but he had to leave suddenly. So I had to try to figure how to do everything I had orignially planned AND get the house ready all at the same time by myself. I mean, I could have cut back on the stuff I had planned for the shower, but I really wanted to do it the best I could for Jo. I feel like amazing friends deserve amazing things.

On top of that stuff, I was dealing with trying to be supportive of the stuff Phil and his family (who I have not always gotten along with the best) were going through and trying to wrap my head around the changing circumstances of my new family. Money got thrown into the mix too but we won't talk about that.

I survived the week. Thanks to some help from my parents and LOTS of work by Phil once he got back, the shower was exactly what I had in mind for Jo and her baby on the way.

Also during last week, massive hiccup at work. All I will say is a combination of my being REALLY stressed, passive aggressive co-workers, and total lack of sensitivity caused a MAJOR breakdown for me. Even now after it has been "dealt with" I am still kind of knocked back from it. I don't bounce back from some things very well and I can tell this is definitely one of those things.

Even now I feel like I could burst into tears over everything right now. To say that I am a little depressed is an understatement. I am trying to pull myself out of it, but it is hard. Exercise has been helping. I guess it is good that my desire to lose weight trumps my bad feelings. :)

In other news, I have taken a step backwards when it comes to my coffee consumption. I had started drinking my coffee black to cut back on the calories and because sugary cofee kind of grosses me out now. But the other day I decided to get a soy misto from Starbucks (a past favorite of drink of my friend Karla). They use the Vanilla Soy Milk. It is SO GOOD. And I have had one everyday since. I stopped using soy milk a while ago (I used to put it in my tea) but stopped because of the estrogen mimicking effects of soy. I figure I will have to stop when we start having kids so I might as well enjoy it now.

The baby shower forced us to finish getting the house looking nice and I LOVE IT!! We bought an area rug for the living, mainly to cover some stains on the gross carpet. We used a belated wedding gift card to get one from Target (thank you Alan and Jen).

We got our thank you notes so now I have to start getting those done. I will be glad to have those done. I feel like a bad person for not having gotten to those yet. But it is kind of bad timing because I registered last week to sit for the PE Exam in October. And I HAVE to pass it. Well I don't have to, but I REALLY REALLY want to. So I have to start studying for that. I figure if I can do like 10 thank you cards a day, I should have them done in a little over a week.

We are leaving for the family camping trip tonight and I am so excited. Seriously. I am super excited. I am not so sure about being excited to be around my family since the last time I went I left early because they were so mean to me. I am hopeful though that this time will be better. I just really need a little break. Actually I think I could use a long break but I will have to settle for a short one. Gotta take what you can get.

Anyway, I will post some pictures from the baby shower soon. I really need to download them because I want to give them to Joanna. I will leave you with this picture of the Mommy-to-Be. She has about 4 weeks until her due date and she is pregnant OUT IN FRONT. Like she has not gotten any wider and you can't tell she is pregnant from the back. The baby is OUT IN FRONT. Totally worth all the work to have a shower for this lovely lady. :)

Love, Mrs. Janney


  1. Joanna looks so great!!! Glad the shower went well!

  2. Booyah on the area rug!!!!!! Thanks for the shout out, glad you got something good! -Alan and Jen

  3. Alan and Jen,

    We totally love the rug!! I have been trying to keep the dog off of it because I love it so much.


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