Monday, August 30, 2010

Running Again

So a couple of weeks ago we had our family camp-out at the beach. The Oregon Coast weather can be extremely unpredictable. It can either be super sunny and nice or freezing cold, windy and raining. And we are talking about in the middle of August. Phil and I decided we would take the opportunity of a little get away to go on a couple of early morning beach runs. After all, it is not every day that you get to run on the beach. We were greated our first morning with this kind of weather:

The first run was amazing. Hard but "good for the soul" type of run along the ocean with the perfect music on the iPhone. The dog came with us and she enjoyed herself immensely. I love her ears in this picture:

The second day we changed our loop a little, but it was still a really great run. Felt really good to get the legs moving again.

I was never much of a runnner. In fact, totally the opposite. In high school and early college, I HAD to run for dance team and it was pretty much the most hated thing I ever had to do. Combination of asthma and low blood pressure made running kind of a scary thing for me. I did want I had to, but never enjoyed it and NEVER chose to do it as a form of exercise. After I signed up for the Nike Women's Half Marathon (thanks to a small moment of insanity and motivation from my marathon-running friend, Karla), I realized running had to be a new hobby. And I liked it. But the race was hard. I didn't have the right shoes when training, got a leg injury a month before the race so I had to STOP training. Losing that last bit of training made the race super hard.

I had read that after a race, you should wait to start running again until you REALLY want to. So I did. I haven't really run much since last October. I did kickboxing, spin class, yoga, weight lifting, even swimming for a little bit. Everything BUT running.

I'm back now.

We have run a few times in the mornings before work. Saturday we ran a 6 mile loop.

I thank the beach.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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