Thursday, September 2, 2010

Braxton Douglas

This week has been kind of crazy because JOANNA HAD HER BABY!!!

I was super excited because (and this is going to sound bad), but since he was earlier than expected (I think her due date was off) her mom wasn't going to be here for the delivery. That left one spot open in the delivery room for... ME!!! I tried to make myself super useful so Joanna wouldn't be annoyed I was there, but there is only so much you can do. I did take my fancy camera I bought myself for my birthday and tried my hand at birth photography. That may sound gross, but it isn't. Nothing revealing or gross. Just some nice pictures of Braxton's journey into the world. :)

Joanna got to look at some of the pictures on my camera while things were finishing up at the hospital but hasn't seen that actual images yet (I guess she's busy or something). I won't share much here because I don't have her permission yet, but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!! He is so stinking cute.

Joanna really hasn't ever held a baby before, but let me tell you, she is a NATURAL. The second they handed him to her, she looked like she had been holding babies her whole life. And Josh's face during the whole process was PRICELESS. We kind of thought he would cry when Braxton was born, but he didn't. Instead he had this look for absolute amazement and excitement. It was so cute.

So I ended up going about 40 hours with like and hour and a half of sleep through the process. Totally worth it, but I am TIRED. Not nearly as tired as these guys will be though...

Welcome to the world, Little Man!!! I am so excited to be your Auntie! :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

P.S. - The nurses in the maternity ward of the Corvallis Hospital totally ROCK!! Thanks so much for being totally awesome.

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  1. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I'm glad you got to be there for her!


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