Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unsolicited Opinions

Lately, or ever since I got married, I have been given everyone's (including perfect stranger's) unsolicited opinions regarding appropriate family planning. Apparantly, I look confused about when my husband and I should start having a family.

The fact that I have TWO college degrees, have travelled the world, and have been financially independent and debt-free for years obviously doesn't qualify me to make my own life choices without the help of others.

Today I was given the opinions of 3 construction workers. I was actually on a job site, inspecting fill, when THEY brought it up. SERIOUSLY!!

Friends, coworkers, MY PARENTS!! Everyone with opinions about how we should wait. I am not saying we want to have a baby right now. I am not saying that we don't. But keep your opinions TO YOURSELF!!! I don't tell you about how your should change your job or clean your house or even how you should eat. So why do people think I care AT ALL about their opinion on the status of MY UTERUS.

Today my mom gave me an ultimatum about when I have kids. And she implied that my dad didn't want me to have kids soon because he didn't want "the drama." That is hurtful.

I've kind of calmed down, but still... I hate the idea that if I don't conform my family planning to other people's schedules, people will think it is tragic. I don't understand how a stable, married couple having a baby isn't anything other than a great thing.

But that's just me.

Love, Mrs. Janney


  1. I can completely identify Natalie! Honestly, 3 weeks after we got married people were already asking if we were going to start having kids. 3 WEEKS! And even now it feels like everyone is either pushing us to start having kids or pushing us to wait wait wait. It's crazy how others think they can step in with "friendly advice."
    My thoughts...when it's right and God decides, a baby will come. :)
    Good luck!

  2. I totally agree Anna! Yesterday was insane with all of the opinions.


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