Friday, October 22, 2010

I am here. I promise.

So this last month has gone by SO SLOWLY and I apologize to all 2 of you that actually read my blog. :) But pretty much talk to any of my friends and they will attest to the fact taht I have been BUSY and with only one thing... STUDYING.

PE test. Basically the most important test of my career and I qualified to take it this October. If I pass, I will be a licensed engineer. If I don't pass, I can take it again next year. Not a big deal, but who wants to take the same test multiple times. So I have been hitting the books. Don't believe me? The picture below says it all I think.

This is my main reference manual for the test, all tabbed up and ready to go. The test is next friday. I figure about 4 more days of studying and then rest up the brain. After next week, I can focus on something else than studying. I literally have done NOTHING but study for the last 3 weeks and before that, it consumed my mind constantly and my weekends.

The thought of being able to do things that I want to do and need to do again almost makes me giddy. Phil can finally stop having to do everything around the house (thank goodness for him though). If it weren't for my wonderful husband, I would have been eating soup for the last 3 weeks, wearing dirty clothes, have a totally messy house and super stressed. He's kept me clean, sane, clothed, and as calm as he can. He's a catch. :)

I will leave you with a picture of my life right now... or at least my life for the next week.

Love, Mrs. Janney

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