Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This Week

Last night was the first night Phil and I have been back to the gym in over a month. I am so glad that we went, but it was definitely not a pleasant experience. We were going to go running and then I was going to go to Group Power. I got a phone call from Phil's mom during my run (more on that later) and we left after that. But the run was NOT fun. Stupid asthma! I hate it. I was only able to run a mile, then I walked, and then ran another mile and then walked. That was it!! Only 2 miles. :( Bummer. Oh well... you have to start somewhere I guess. I WILL get myself back to where I was, better even.

So... the rest of this week has a LOT to look forward to.

Tonight: Gym again. I am hoping it goes better than last night.


Friday: Hang out with grad school friends.


HARRY POTTER date night with RIKKIE!!! Some yummy salad and pasta and then HARRY POTTER!!!!

Sunday: White Christmas Night.

Every year before Thanksgiving, my family gets together, has pizza and watches White Christmas together. We used to do it the night before Thanksgiving, but being married causes compromises. I have been gone for Thanksgiving and so my family has been kind enough to move the tradition so I can be there. There is singing, lively debate over whether the choreography costumes are purple or black, and sadness over how people don't just break out into choreographed song and dance in real life.
And I get to see these guys:

I think it could be a very good weekend. :)
Love, Mrs. Janney

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  1. Come to Zumba! It's the best way to get back in to the gym groove! :) But what a fun week of events!


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