Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A New Project

A few years ago, Joanna taught me how to crochet. I had started an afghan and took it to England with me, but never really worked on it (I have no idea why. To this day I can't seem to remember what I did in England that occupied so much of my time). I kind of forgot about crocheting through grad school and wedding planning.

My mom actually suggested I take it up again for a take back east for Thanksgiving. She thought it would give me something to do and keep me calm (she was totally right). So I took back enough yarn to work on a couple of projects. I got back into crocheting pretty quickly and finished a scarf in a couple of days, so we went and bought some more yarn. On the way home, I started and finished a scarf for my dad and started a scarf for my sister, both in OSU Black and Orange for the Civil War Game this weekend. GO BEAVS!

In talking with my mom about how much I liked crocheting, she mentioned a women at our church who crochets hats for preemie babies and donates them to hospitals. I LOVED this idea! What an awesome way to use a skill!! Let's be honest, I only need so many scarves and afghans so I just though this was such a great idea. A way for me to crochet, get the calming affect and create something for someone in need.

So I found some easy free crochet patterns online yesterday. I am so excited to get this project going. I have a couple of other crocheting projects I would like to do before I get going on the hats, but I am so motivated to get those done so I can get started. I stayed up and basically worked on finishing the scarves for my dad and sister until 11 last night. My husband is so awesome, he knows how excited I am for this project that he even cooked dinner and cleaned it up so that I could keep working. I am hoping to finish my other projects by this weekend so I can get started! I will keep everyone (all 4 of you) updated on my progress. Now I will just have to think of a cute name for my project. :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

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  1. What a great way to do something you love & for the benefit of others! :)


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