Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project Name and Christmas Spirit

I have gotten some awesome response regarding my name project. One of my aunts wants to make some hats too! Another of my friends is thinking of bringing her knitting needles out of retirement to try some as well. I think this is great! I am so excited about this, I am feverishly trying to finish my other couple of projects so I can get to work on some hats. :)

I think I have a name for the project...

The Little Hat Project

It's not a giant leap obviously, but I thought it was cute. I have no idea if this name is already used by someone, so if it is, I apologize. And I'm just using the name for purposes of this blog, not like a business or anything. I did a Google search really quick and nothing popped up, so hopefully I am good. :)

Phil and I are out of some essential home items (i.e. contact solution, soap, etc.) so we are headed to the Keizer Station Target tonight to replenish some supplies. Since Michael's just HAPPENS to be right next to it, we will then be heading over there so I can get my supplies for the HATS!!! I am so excited.

I feel like this project has come at just the right time for me. I will explain...

When Phil and I got married, we were pretty sure we were going to split up where we went on the holidays pretty well: Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas at home. This made the most sense because when we eventually have a family, we will not be uprooting our children on Christmas. So we figured, we might as well start this now that we are married.

In August, Phil's dad had a HUGE medical emergency (I think that is the best way to describe). Long story short, we found out through a catastrophic health event (internal bleeding) that he had Liver Cancer. When this whole thing happened, I put Phil on a plane and sent him back to be with his family for a week. I have zero regrets about this. If it were my dad, I would have been on the first available flight.

During this time, Phil found out that his dad really didn't like this idea. He likes his Christmas Eve traditions and everything. Me, being such a Daddy's Girl, I decided that we should go back to Virginia for Christmas this year. Phil's dad will get his traditions and his family can just be together after a kind of bumpy and stressful few months. Aren't I just an awesome wife?

I knew this would creat a kind of challenge for me this year. Ah... the joys of marriage and compromise. :) But Phil is totally worth it. But between the test and getting sick and travelling for Thanksgiving, we haven't been working out much and I am just wiped out. It is kind of taking away from my Christmas Spirit. I just don't have the energy or desire to really Christmas shop or decorate the house for Christmas. Last year we went all out. But this year, our first married Christmas, and I don't want to do anything. I haven't even gotten the Christmas candles out.

Anyway, I am just so thankful for this project. I think it is going to help keep my spirits up while I struggle with a little bit of a funk. I need to get back to working out because I know that will help. And I need to get this project started.

So... here are my hopes for the day:

- Finish reading about reinforced masonry (this is a work item and I know everyone is jealous of this one)

- Go the to gym. I would like to run a few miles tonight. Get the lungs workings.

- Go to Target

- Get The Little Hat Project supplies

- Finish current crocheting project

Wish me Luck!

Love, Mrs. Janney

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