Friday, December 10, 2010

Egg Sammich

These little guys belong to my brother and they LOVE egg salad sandwiches.

Especially the little guy, David. He is a funny kid. I am actually pretty surprised either of the boys like egg salad because it isn't something I usually think of when I think of kid food. Peanut Butter and Jelly, yes. Cheetos, yes. Fish Sticks, yes. Egg Salad, no. You can ask him any day what he is having for lunch and he will say, "Egg Sammich." Even if it isn't true, it is his wishful thinking. His daycare teacher told Stephanie, David's mom, that he would eat his entire lunch everday if she sent him and egg salad sandwich. Obviously Stephanie isn't going to send him an egg salad sandwich everyday. That's a lot of eggs for a little guy.

Since Phil was going to be at the Blazer game last night and I was planning on going to the gym, I decided to make some Egg Salad so I could have a quick, non-cereal dinner when I got home. I had never made Egg Salad before, but decided to make it like Deviled Eggs and it turned out SO YUMMY! I used 6 eggs and between Phil and I, it is already gone.

I had it for dinner last night and for my lunch today. And it brought an extra smile to my face thinking of this guy...

My "Egg Sammich" was yummy. Can't wait to see these boys again. :)

Love, Mrs. Janney

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