Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still here!

I'm still here!!

I promise.  :)

Worst blogger, right here.  I can't really even pretend like I have been that busy because half of all bloggers have at least one child and they still manage to post on a semi-regular or very regular basis.  Let's just call a spade a spade here... I'm lazy.  And if I have to pick between showering and blogging, I'm going to pick showering (for my husband's sake).

I started like 5 blog posts a couple of weeks ago (including Henry's birth story) and haven't finished any of them.  Awesome.

Here's a recap of what we have been up to:

We spent our first week at home trying to sleep, dealing with nursing issues, and dealing with postpartum fun.

Our second week had Phil's parents here while we continued to work through our nursing issues and figure out this new little person we had in the house.

Last week, we graduated from the lactation nurse (blog post to come) and I honestly can't remember what else we did last week.  Ok I just looked at my calendar for last week.  We also went to a dinner party at Phil's advisor's house with Henry (and he did GREAT) and I actually went to a work meeting one night.  It was the first time I had really spent time away from Henry.  It was weird.

Now we are trying to figure out some kind of routine we can get our little family on.  Like when to sleep and when to work (because I am doing work again already and Phil needs to hit his dissertation HARD).  And how to do things one-handed or while nursing.

And since I am super lazy, I haven't downloaded any pictures from our newborn shoot or my camera.  :)  So here are a couple of iPhone pictures to hold you over.  Maybe I'll work on the picture thing tomorrow.  Maybe.

I made the pictures big because I think he's the cutest baby EVER.  No bias or anything.  :)


  1. That third picture is my favorite!! HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!

  2. He is just an absolute doll!!! Love it.

    I'm FINALLY sucking up my pride and visiting with a lactation consultant today. Holy balls, whoever said nursing was easy was a LIAR.

  3. Oh my goodness!!! I am so behind on reading blogs...I am just seeing that your baby boy is here!!! He is adorable...congratulations!!! =) Hope you are feeling good!

  4. Aww we're all in the same boat...it's hard to blog with one hand! And nursing is no joke! It's tough stuff! I'm still thinking about calling an LC...I know they would be helpful...but then I have good days so I think we're doing ok. And then we have a not so good day ha.

  5. I don't think you should worry too much about blogging and just enjoy the time with your new son. I'm sure most of us will still be here waiting once you have a little more routine! :)

    Such cute photographs!
    Hope you and your family are all doing well.


  6. First: So sorry that I missed you having a new human being! Congratulations, he's gorgeous! Second - the Beco Gemini carrier is amazing for being able to nurse and have a life, simultaneously. Amazing... and we're still using ours for just the carrying part at nearly two years... well worth it. Third... I hope you're doing okay because I know the after stuff can be hard for us mommies, especially emotionally, especially when breast feeding is a bit more challenging than we'd like to admit. As for blogging, let go of the guilt and blog when you feel it (or don't take my advice because I am a terrible example as of late). Congrats again!!!!!!!!!


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