Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today is our third wedding anniversary.

{Photo by Miller Photography}

In some ways, it seems like we surely have been married longer than three years.  In other ways, I feel like we have experienced enough stuff in our marriage to fill way more than three years.

Last year, our anniversary celebration was changed a little because my uncle had a heart attack and I had to cover a meeting for my dad.  We ended up taking the Taylor to the park and eating McDonald's for dinner.  It was romantic in a different kind of way.  Perfectly representing the fact that our marriage has been full of surprises and efforts to make the best out of difficult and less than ideal situations.

This year, our celebration will be less than typical as well.  Our plan is to go out to breakfast with our new little man.  Hopefully he will cooperate.  He does pretty well in the morning.

The second wedding anniversary gift is cotton.  As you may know, we interpretted that a little loosely and ended up with this:

While the traditional third wedding anniversary gift is leather, we decided we'd go a little bigger this year...

So much better than a new wallet.

And each day I am reminded more and more of just how amazing the man I married is.  As if the whole thyroid cancer experience wasn't enough, now I get to watch him be the world's best dad.

I hit the marriage jackpot.


  1. Congratulations you two!! I hope your family outting goes well. Sounds like the perfect start to the next year :)

    PS Can't wait to meet Henry! HE LOOKS SO PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aww love this!! Congrats and enjoy your breakfast date!!

  3. happy anniversary! we are coming up on 4 years {next week} and i can't believe it's been that long already! i think babies make the perfect anniversary gift...we'll just see if our little guys shows up by then :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I like this years gift better than a wallet too! :)

  5. Happy Anniversary! How special :) and what a beautiful little gift! what a cutie!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! This was such a sweet post! I never knew that Cotton was named after the second anniversary gift! That's too cute! Ours is in a couple of weeks and we are buying new sheets. Not a new puppy, but still pretty exciting for us, lol :o)

  7. Happy Anniversary, what a year you've had but if you can make it through this patch, you can make it through anything!


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