Thursday, July 11, 2013

8 AM and a 2nd outfit

Henry has A MILLION onesies sized under 6 months.  And since he is turning into a little butterball, we may not have much time for him to wear them before he moves onto the next stage (insert small tear).  I'm serious when I say he has some onesies he has never even worn, that's how many he has.

So this morning, I put him in one of his Virginia Tech onesies with the intention that I would get him to smile, take a picture, and send it to Phil's parents (his dad is a Virginia Tech Alum).  He looked darn cute in his maroon outfit with grey shorts.

We get in the car to head to the office and I look in the rearview mirror once we are 5 minutes from the house just in time to witness him spitting up.  He hardly ever spits up, so this was quite the noteworthy event, as I'm sure you will agree.  Once we got to the office, I start cleaning off his car seat (with him still in it).  At first, he thought this was quite funny.  Then he realized he was still in car seat and flipped out (he's not such a fan of the car seat when it is stationary).

I pulled him out and noticed there was no saving this outfit today.

{Yeah I totally just posted a picture of my son's vomit along with his diaper 
and in the paper towel is my breakfast.}

So we moved onto his back-up clothes.

He seemed happy about it.

I don't think this event reflects his feelings about Virginia Tech.

PS - Yes... I just wrote an entire post about baby vomit.  I don't blog for days and when I finally do, this is what you get.  I'm sure you're all wishing I would go back to not blogging.  You're welcome.

PPS - I'm officially a mommy-blogger now.

PPPS - Did you catch the references to me going to the office?  As in I have been working... with a 4, 5, 6 week old... Yeah there's a post coming about that.  It will probably be better than a post about spit-up.  On second thought, I make no guarantees.


  1. Do you get to take him to work with you? Or do you drop him off at daycare on your way to the office?

    And he is such a cutie... I just can't get over it.

    Welcome to mommy blogging... posts about bodily functions.

  2. Ha ha! It's amazing how these tiny humans rule our world.... and everyone else who reads about our world :)
    I was at work when my baby was 3 weeks old... yuck! So I get it! But I definitely want to read this post!

  3. Major kudos for working with such a young baby!

    And I'm the least broody/maternal person I know but I actually found this post entertaining. So be a new mommy blogger all you want!

    Love the happy face.

  4. Sounds like my days too....Connor spits up SO much. We both changed outfits a few times a day! And I am officially a mommy blogger too. It is all I write about.


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