Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1st Day

Today is Henry's first day of daycare...

Cue the tears.

I may have cried through the staff meeting.  Phil tried to cheer me up by bring me a Pumpkin Spice Latte (didn't work, but provided a nice distraction) and Joanna lent me a virtial cell-phoney shoulder to cry on via text message.  I've made it a couple of hours at the office without him and am proud to report I haven't called to check up on him yet.  I figure I need to wait at least a little longer or risk being dubbed "that crazy mom" by the daycare ladies.

I dropped him off and got all his stuff set up.  All the while, he was making smiley faces with his "teachers".  He'll be fine.

Joanna described it best though when she told me, "It's like starting each day with heartache."

I'm in need of a smile.  And who better to provide it than David, my super adorable youngest nephew.  David has been a source of smiles for me over the years.  And this video does not disappoint.

He has a hard time pronouncing his "R" sounds and it is TOO CUTE!  I love it.

David love love LOVES Henry.  And he's going to the same childcare center (for kindergarten) than Henry is at.  So they promised me this morning that they would have David come over and check on him today.

Alright... BACK TO WORK.  If I have to be away from my baby, I sure as hell am going to get a lot done.

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