Monday, June 23, 2014

A 3-pointer!

I know there are tens of you out there, just repeatedly hitting the refresh button to find out how Cotton did at his show this weekend...


It's like he won Best in Show.

He didn't even win Best of Breed.

Ok let's clarify... And this be wrong because I'm still trying to figure out the whole Dog Show thing.

In order to get his Championship, Cotton needs to earn 15 points.  Within those 15 points, he needs 2 major wins meaning that at least twice he needs to beat a lot of other Brittanys.

To get points, he needs to beat other Brittanys.  This weekend, there were only 4 dogs, but he was the best looking boy dog and he won.  That earned him 1 point.  Then he went into the Winner's group and went up against other champions and the best bitch (female dog).  He was named Best of Winners, meaning he beat the bitch.  Because there were a lot of bitches at the competition, the bitch had 3 points.  Since Cotton beat her, he got 3 points for the win instead of 1.

And it counted as a major.

So Cotton got 3 points and a major.

That was Cotton's first big win and first points!

{Checking out his teeth.  I didn't take a picture of when they checked out his man parts.
Cause I'm not a weirdo}

We went back on Sunday and Cotton didn't win any points, but he was basically the 2nd place dog.

It was a good weekend for the little prince.  He's a good boy.

His next show will be at the end of July.  But it was really nice to know that all of the training we have been doing with Cotton is paying off.  We have more things to work on but he is a good little learner and hopefully next show will be even better.

All of the pictures are from Sunday with his breeder.  She showed him.  And he won.  Further proof I was holding him back.  :(  Maybe with some more training (for me), I will be able to show him again.  It hasn't been bred into me like it has with Cotton.

In case you were wondering, Henry came to the show with us both days.  Here's what he thought of it:

He loved it.  He loves the dogs.  I think he was just really fascinated to see so many dogs that looked like Cotton.  :)

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  1. so what do you get after the 15 points? How much time to you have to "earn/win" them? Interesting...and seems complicated too, who comes up with this stuff?


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