Friday, June 6, 2014

Could I really be that dumb?

Everyone knows it takes a while to get unpacked when you move.  Moving with a baby makes it even worse.  Pretty much the only time to unpack is when the baby is asleep, which is also when you need to be doing all the other million things that come with having a baby (laundry, dishes, more laundry, eat, laundry, etc.).

So I wasn't too concerned when I couldn't find some of my clothes.  There were probably in the piles and piles of laundry or the piles and piles of clean laundry that hadn't been folded and put away.

Monday and Tuesday night, I went ahead and washed, folded and put away all of that laundry.  But some clothes were still missing.

At the very least, I was missing three pairs of pants.

And a suit jacket.

And three different sweaters.

Crap!  Where the heck are my clothes?!

I frantically looked through every cardboard box and trash bag filled with last minute packing we had.  All of that stuff was in the garage, in somewhat organized chaos.  Phil and I must have spent hours out there looking and looking and looking.  We looked through everything we thought could possibly contain clothes.  And then we looked some more.

It was starting to look like they were missing.  And that meant that I most likely accidentally gave them away to Goodwill during one of our many visits during packing.

Could I seriously have given away like $800 worth of clothes?  I mean, seriously?!?

I purposely told Phil that I would bring down the Goodwill stuff so that he didn't accidentally take the wrong thing.  And then did I bring down the wrong stuff?

It was looking more and more like it.

I felt a little sick just thinking about it.  That was 3/4 of my work wardrobe (minus my suits).  I didn't have the money to replace all of that clothing.  I tried to tell myself that it was just stuff.  It was replaceable.  What a first-world problem to have, that I have so much clothing that I accidentally gave some away.  In the grand scheme of things, this was not a big deal.  I went ahead and ordered some new pants (because that was really the only thing I needed) and decided I needed to get over it.

But then yesterday, I went home for lunch and decided to do another sweep of the garage.  Randomly, I decided to look in some of the tupperware containers we had out there.  Almost all of the containers had old baby stuff in them.  But one of them looked a little different.

I moved the stuff off the top, cracked open the lid...


Phew...  It was just a huge relief.

Logically, I know that my feelings about my clothes are a little irrational.  It's just stuff and doesn't really matter.  But with everything that has been going on lately, it just made it seem so much worse.  I think what made it even worse was that it would have been MY mistake.  And I hate it when I make stupid mistakes.

Crisis averted.


  1. I win - I threw out 2 trash bags of my clothes thinking that it was garbage because I was so delirious of moving and packing. Threw them into HUGE dumpsters where there was no chance of recovery

  2. Atleast you got a couple pair of new pants out of it!! ha!


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