Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Order Out

Without being TOTALLY original and talking about daylight savings time, I have to say...

It's totally kicking my butt!

Henry seems to have adjusted to it just fine.  It's me that has a problem with it.  I swear, ever since I lost my thyroid, my system is so sensitive.  Now, I need LOTS of sleep and LOTS of water.  It's a little annoying.

You want to know what else is annoying?  Last night, I tried to make curry for the second time and, once again, it was TASTELESS.  How is that even possible?  It's curry!  My entire house will probably smell like it for the next week, but taste?  Nothing.  I find it very annoying that I bought ingredients, prepped them, made the meal and then we STILL have to go get something else to eat.  Plus I had to do dishes.

I have accepted defeat.

If I want curry, we'll order out.

But you know what is wonderful?  It is Wednesday.

{image found HERE}

And my Thursday is busy enough that it will likely FLY by.  Which means it is basically Friday.  :)  Don't you love my logic?


  1. Yes! I definitely like your logic, that's how I think too!
    Also, you are so not the only person who is completely unajusted to daylight saving. Nor am I, even though it was almost two weeks ago here in the UK. :-/

  2. Ugh Noah is adjusting slowly but surely, leaving this mama needing wine... Lots of wine! Maybe tonight haha. Speaking of water I am feeling the need for some! Haha. Is it Friday yet! Lol

  3. Today was the first day Leah slept in till 7. I was thrilled!

  4. I am currently obsessed with Indian food... specifically butter chicken on rice with naan bread. Super original I know. And the very mild butter chicken because my mouth catches on fire so easily. Hmmm... we may have to have takeout tonight!


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