Monday, November 3, 2014

I don't even own A spice...

One of my brother's favorite Wayne's World quotes is:

"A gun rack.  A GUN RACK.  I didn't even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack.  What am I going to do with a gun rack."

So naturally anytime you say something with the word "rack" in it, he says the quote.

Yesterday, Phil installed the spice rack he made for me.

{Isn't it beautiful?!  We have plans to paint it white, 
but I didn't want to wait for the rain to stop to paint it.}

It's almost like Phil wrote me a poem.  But it is made of wood and holds spices.

When we found out we were getting this house, I told Phil I wanted him to make me a spice rack, using THIS tutorial.  I have WAY more spices than a person should have (I think when we moved, I had like 4 bottles of cinnamon) and they take up A LOT of room in the pantry.

I didn't want Phil to take any breaks from working on his dissertation to build it for me, so we bought the supplies and I told him to get to it when he had the chance (probably not until he finished grad school).  But slowly, during much needed breaks from the computer, he worked on it.


Seriously, I love it.

It inspired me to go through everything else in the pantry and throw away expired food.  Turns out I had cans with a "BEST BY" date of 2009.  That means I moved it from our apartment, to the duplex, to the house.  Efficient is my middle name.

Next up, Phil is going to make me THIS foil holder.

When Phil asked what I would be blogging about today and I told him, "The spice rack" he replied with, "Oh I thought it would be about trick or treating with Henry."  Mother of the Year.


  1. Haha your husband is awesome! I have a twirly spice rack on the counter but I probably use about 4 of them... the I have a random basket in a bottom cupboard with the rest. I would love a spice rack like that but need a new house to put it in. Oh and I also periodically find cans that expired years ago!

  2. That is an AWESOME spice rack - kudos to your husband for making it! My kitchen lacks pretty much any sort of storage space whatsoever, so I'm always jealously eyeing others' storage solutions. ;)
    ps. Found you via Peony for your thoughts - looking forward to following along!


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