Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Things Friday

With a sick kid on Monday, night meeting on Tuesday, and still a sick baby on Wednesday, I could have sworn yesterday was Friday.

It was not.

But today is!  And Halloween at that!  Here's this week's dose of randomness.  And because it is the 5th Friday of the month, my boss is bringing in doughnuts (I'm trying to get myself pumped up for today).

1.  Even though I didn't really decorate much... And I was never really into dressing up, I am excited for Halloween.  I am excited to see the Halloween display our neighbors have put together and find out how many kids we will get at our new house.  But most of all, I am excited to take my little man Trick-or-Treating.  We might get a better response to it this year than last year.

{My cute little lion}

Last year, when I took him to the door, people almost seemed offended when I held out the bag for candy.  No, my 5 month old would not be eating the candy.  But his mother, who hiked him up to your door might.  Not to mention that I was still exclusively breastfeeding, so he was getting it by proxy.

2.  Along the lines of trick-or-treating, I asked Henry if he could say "Trick or Treat" this morning and he shook his head no.  That answers that.

3.  I had to stop by Walgreens the other day to pick up some Pedialyte, Parmesean and Italian Herb Chex Mix, and to yell at the Pharmacist (ok I didn't yell.  I asked a question) and while I was there, I picked up a pair of fleece lined textured leggings.  And this proved 2 things: 1) I will buy almost anything fleece lined and 2) $5.99 is the perfect price.

It may have also proved that I am a classy lady.  Whatever.  They are SO COMFY! I should have capitalized on their 2 for $10 offer.

4.  Even though Henry didn't feel super great, we took him to his daycare pumpkin patch this week.  They had pumpkins, ghost the kids would punch, pumpkin guts to squish, a pool full of jello, and hay to throw.  But Henry was mostly drawn to the pool filled with shaving cream.

He was doing fine, rubbing his hands in it.  And then a little girl fell and got some shaving cream in his hair.  He went to wipe the shaving cream off his hair with his shaving cream filled hands.  One thing led to another and...

It got a little out of hand.

5.  We are nearing the end of graduate school which means Phil is working his tail off pretty much around the clock.  Yesterday morning, I woke up at 6 and he wasn't in bed.  So I came downstairs and found him laying on the floor in the office.  Apparently he had laid down to take a short nap and slept all night.

Poor guy.

I have instituted a bedtime for him.  He still needs some sleep.

Happy weekend!!!

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