Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Things Friday

HellOOOOOOOO Friday!

First, I wanted to say WELCOME to any readers from September F A R M!  Hopefully I will keep you sufficiently entertained with this little blog.  I'm not going to lie... I kind of love blogs.  It's like reality T.V. for the internet.  I'm hooked.  Reading.  Writing.  I'm a fan.

Here's this week's 5 pieces of randomness...

1.  Phil and I were driving home the other day and we past a lemonade stand.  We didn't stop, but it did catch our eye.  In addition to lemonade, they were offering KIX cereal and Bud Light.  Did I mention these were like 8 year olds?  I'm pretty sure there are laws against that.

At least per state liquor laws, they were selling food along with their alcohol.

2.  While making dinner tonight, Henry found the oven mitts.  And then he put them on himself.  And then walked around with them on for like 5 minutes.  It was pretty cute.

3.  Tonight during dinner, Henry was in an AWFUL mood.  Something must be bothering him... teeth... stitches... I don't know.  But this isn't his normal self.  Anyway, the only thing he would eat was grapes.  So grapes, he was having.

Until he was done with them.  And then he threw them on the floor.  Taylor and Cotton have gotten very smart since Henry started feeding himself.  During mealtimes, they are right under his highchair (it doesn't help that we had to cut back their food because they were both getting a little extra padding) and grapes are BAD for dogs.

It's something about the skin causing kidney failure.

As can be expected, the second the grapes hit the floor, the dogs were all over it.  I leapt (leaped?) to my feet, yelling a slow motion "NOOOOOOO!!!" and pushed Taylor out of the way before she could get to the forbidden fruit.

Basically I saved her life.

I'm expected her to throw me a parade through the backyard tomorrow.

4.  My new glasses came!  My prescription has changed enough to make me squint almost all of the time and it was really annoying.

{One day I might figure out how to take a decent selfie.  Don't count on it}

As you can see, they are as different as night and later that night.  I really know how to step out of my normal routine.  I actually wanted to get something with a little more substantial frame to it, but I chickened out.  Not to mention these are from Warby Parker and were only $95 including the frames AND lenses.  PLUS they are plastic which means they might be a little more Henry proof.

5.  I was trying to wait until Christmas, but after getting yelled at Wednesday morning I decided I needed to do something nice for myself.  And that meant getting one of these:

{Similar to this one.  But cheaper}

I floated the idea past Phil and he was ALL for it.  He's pretty much for anything that will help me relax.   It was only $25 at Target, so I am pretty sure it was worth it.  He also let me by a bathtub pillow.

My bath was divine.  I read while deep conditioning my hair and doing a mud mask.  And I felt so much better when I got out.  Totally worth it.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Um I need that bath tub thingy for the one time a year I take a bath :) And that is why I can't have a dog, I would let them eat grapes, who knew...oh wait you did! So funny about the oven mits! My son takes mine (we have the same ones but in red) and tells me he is a giant lobster and goes around "pinching" people. It's hilarious!


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