Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Things Friday: Pretty much all about Henry

As of yesterday (or last night at 11:22), Henry is 17 months old.  Like in a month he will be a year and a half.  I'm already freaking out a little bit about him changing daycare rooms (because I must create things to be anxious about).  Basically at this rate, he will be headed off to college.

In honor of my little Hank, this week's 5 Things Friday is solely devoted to him.

1.  He somehow figured out that he was willing to expand his palate and eat actual meat on one condition... It must have barbecue sauce on it.  And BBQ sauce doesn't just work on meat.  Veggies as well.  I had a moment when I realized that I needed to pick my battles.  Am I willing to let him eat a little BBQ sauce on each bite of meat (and thankfully he only requires a tiny bit of sauce) if it means he will eat things other than black beans and expensive veggie pouches?  My answer is yes.

And at least it's BBQ sauce and not ranch.

2.  He will also eat chicken nuggets.  Without BBQ sauce.  Thank you Costco.  And chocolate pudding.  So in case there was any doubt, he's an American.

3.  Henry is super into books right now, so each time we get in the car he gets a book to read.  This week, he started "reading" out loud to himself.  He will flip through the pages and say, "Ga ga ga" and then flip the page and keep going.  It is pretty darn cute.  Like super cute.

4.  Henry is very into applauding himself these days.  If he puts his cup in the cup holder on the high chair, he claps.  If he puts two legos together, clapping.  Gives you a high five, applause.  At night after we read 2 bedtime books (because I have to set a limit), I sing "Sweet Dreams" by Jewel.

The last few days when I start to sing, he starts clapping.  And then he usually applauds for me when I have finished singing as well.

Captive audience.

5.  We visited my dad's office yesterday morning and he has a pretty extensive elephant collection.  As Henry saw each elephant, he tried to make an elephant noise which kind of just results in him spitting.  It's cute and we clap which further promotes him clapping for himself.  At least he won't have poor self-esteem.

Other Henry facts:

-  He says "Papa" every time we go to the office.

-  He is REALLY into Legos.

-  We are working on translating "Grandma" into "Nana" because he can clearly says it.  What's even cuter, the other day we were with my mom and when I asked him to say Nana, he looked right at her, smiled and said, "Nana."  Wrapping her around his little finger.

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  1. My girls dip everything into ketchup - plain old bread included. I always feel like the moms to one baby have it harder - in that the worries seem to sink in more - where as us with twins feel like maybe we don't worry enough. Don't worry about daycare - I'm sure if he's moving rooms than he's ready for it.


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