Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Things Friday

1.  This week was long.  And for some reason, everyone in my house is really tired.  I don't know if it is the weather or what.  I guess it could be that we haven't gotten the temperature right in the house at night, so all three of us are waking up multiple times a night.  Either way, Phil fell asleep yesterday afternoon, Henry fell asleep on the way home last night, and I was in bed at 8.

2.  Joanna and I started trading baby-sitting every month so we each get an opportunity to go on a date with our husbands.  Last month, it was our turn for the date.  This month, it is Joanna's turn.  I am so excited because this means we get to hang out with Braxton!!  As an honorary "Auntie", I want some fun things to do with Braxton.  And maybe Henry will join in as well.  We will only have a couple of hours because we are going to go to church and then to our church's harvest festival.  But you know what looks like fun?  This:

{From HERE}

Or this:

{From HERE}

We might have to wait on the second one though.  I doubt I can keep Henry from putting his paint covered hands in his mouth.

3.  Last week there were 7 birth announcements on my Facebook page.  SEVEN!!  At least.  It might have been more.  When I pointed this out in a status update, someone commented saying "What was happening 9 months ago?  Must have been some good New Year's parties."  I thought that was kind of funny.

4.  Henry had his school pictures Tuesday which OF COURSE means he fell down and scraped his face on Monday.  So we had scraped forehead, wound above the eyebrow, and a scratch on the nose.  If nothing else, it will accurately represent how he looked as a toddler.  A clumsy toddler.

{Oddly enough, you can't see any of his owies in this picture.  
I doubt that will be the case for his school pictures.}

But my fingers are crossed that we can make it through the day without going to the ER or the doctor's office.  It would be the first Friday in 4 weeks.  Fingers crossed real hard.

5.  Here's a random fact about myself:  I kind of hate when things end.  Specifically TV shows and movies.  I LOVE Gilmore Girls.  Own every season.  I have NEVER seen the finale.  I listen to Hocus Pocus religiously in October (mostly while I am getting ready in the morning).  I don't usually listen to the last 15 minutes.  And that's true of most movies.  I have read the entire Harry Potter series at least a half dozen times, except for the final book.  That one I have read twice.  Just one more thing that makes me weird.  :)

Happy Friday!  Here's hoping Henry lets us sleep in tomorrow until 9 like he did last weekend (it was AMAZING).


  1. I love love love the Gilmore Girls and have just started watching it again on Netflix. I had the last 4 seasons saved on our PVR until it bit the dust one day. I was devastated. Happy Friday!

  2. That Bat craft is sooo cute! Love it!

  3. haha, you are so funny. I LOVE Gilmore Girls, I"m actually surprised that I don't own the series. I have watched the series a couple of times and am so excited that it's on Netflix, I hope it stays there for a while!


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