Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Favorite

I think we know who everyone's favorite is...

I'm not jealous.  He's my favorite too.  :)

There are several reasons why he is my favorite.  One of the reasons: he's my bug killer.

Except at the office (because he can't come to my office whenever I encounter a bug).  Right now, we are having a bit of an ant problem at work.  At one point today, I thought about just giving the ants my desk.  That would have been the easiest solution since the ants were EVERYWHERE and I hate all bugs.  Lyme Disease and a bug bite that had to be surgically removed will do that to you.

Have I ever really mentioned on here that I had Lyme Disease?  I did.  I used to be totally fine and levelheaded around bugs.  But when a bug bite makes you violently ill, requires you to take weeks worth of antibiotics, and then takes another two months to get over, it kind of fosters an irrational fear of them.

So like I said... I wanted to abandon my desk and all of my belongings in it.  But I put on my big girl pants, went and got an ant trap, and put it under my desk.

When I told Phil, he sincerely applauded my bravery.

Another reason he is my favorite.

This might be the weirdest love letter ever.  Whatevs.


  1. haha, I share your hatred of ants and all things bugs. And your fear is not irrational, totally warranted and I'm surprised you didn't go running when your desk was being taken over, seriously. I hate bugs with a passion, shudder!

  2. Terro is the best ant killer, in case what you have doesn't work. Love the picture of the dogs and Henry watching Daddy outside!

  3. Hi. Found you through Casey's link up .... sweet post. love your positivity...



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